When Outsourcing Call Centers, Consider Agents With Telemarketing Experience – Part 2

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In part one of this blog, we spoke at length about the unique roles of telemarketing agents and customer support representatives. We’ve covered the differences between the two fields as well as their similarities. Now we will discuss all the ways it could be advantageous to hire among those with telemarketing experience when developing your call center department, and how outsourcing can cut costs while expanding your customer base.


Telemarketing Experience Benefits Your Call Center


Customers reach out to support staff for various reasons – for example: troubleshooting, questions about services or general inquiries for future purchases.


Call center agents are speaking on behalf of the brand and should be able to easily and efficiently provide support, as well as useful information when it comes to additional products or services offered by the company they’re representing – such products and services could be beneficial to the customer.


Telemarketers are highly practiced with regard to effective sales and promotion techniques – they know how to tactfully and strategically advocate for their brand, without appearing pushy.


Call center representatives must have the ability to maintain composure when faced with dissatisfied or disgruntled callers. Luckily, agents with telemarketing experience have the necessary skills to navigate difficult conversations as it is one of the fundamental aspects of their job. Communication is key with any customer-facing position – and telemarketers are masters at fluid, positive communication.


Telemarketing Agents Are Experts in Sales


Those with telemarketing backgrounds know their way around proper sales tactics. They are equipped with the knowledge and experience to steer conversations in the best direction to benefit both the customer, and the company. Because telemarketing requires a great deal of expertise with regard to sales, agents are well-versed in this area and prepared to offer the right solutions to all potential and existing customers, based on each individual’s particular wants and needs.


Anyone working in customer service knows there’s always an element of sales – and nobody understands sales better than telemarketers. Customer care can be taught, however, not everyone has the sales gene. This is why many companies see a telemarketing background as an extraordinary asset.


Outsourcing Is Always Preferable


There are many reasons to choose outsourcing when it comes to building a call center. BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) companies are designed to provide external support across many fields including data entry, customer support and telemarketing. Outsourcing companies have fully trained staff specializing in customer care and telemarketing, which is very appealing to businesses looking to develop talented customer service teams.


Not only is BPO economically sensible, but it is often the most reliable route with respect to proficiency. Any reputable BPO company will always enlist exceptionally qualified individuals for these positions. Additionally, outsourcing companies have access to the most current technologies and equipment, which is beneficial from an operational standpoint.


BPO Companies Offer Multilingual Support


Inclusivity is one of the most important components concerning the attraction and retention of customers. Without multilingual agents on staff, your company will lose out on opportunities for customer expansion and your retention rate will undoubtedly drop – another reason to consider a BPO company with multilingual capabilities.


Anexa offers exceptional customer support and telemarketing services. Our sales-centered agents are fluent in both English and Spanish, so you can be confident that your company is putting its best foot forward with customers – without compromising your bottom line. Contact us to learn more.