Enterprise BPO Services

A company with almost 20 years of experience in the competitive market of Call Centers

Enterprise BPO Services

Focus On Your Business. Leave The Rest To Us.

In an ever-evolving business environment, it’s become necessary for companies to focus on keeping up with the latest trends and to have the latest technology to offer the best possible service to their customers. Anexa’s business process outsourcing (BPO) services allow companies of all sizes to outsource their non-core business processes, so they can focus their most important resources on strategic planning, growth, and innovation.


  • Decrease in implementation costs and time
  • Improved response times
  • Improved performance in non-core tasks
  • Focus your time and resources in your core business tasks
  • Access to processes and technology unavailable in house


This BPO vertical consists of Back Office services, Marketing, and Database Services. All of these services take on repetitive and non-critical business tasks that will help you automate, improve and ultimately grow your business by helping you reduce costs, giving you access to the latest technology, and turning inputs into actionable results.


Back office

Automate basic office and call center tasks. Our back office solutions allow you to focus on the core of your business and set your strategy on the right path. You can count on over 20 years of experience to make sure we understand your business, your processes and your market in order to provide the perfect solution for your needs.


  • Information capture
  • Document digitization
  • Quality assurance of in house or third party services
  • Manuals, scripts, and call processes: creation and iteration
  • Reporting templates: standardization of criteria
  • Process auditing and recommendations
  • Strategic support service: we evaluate your current call flow to detect opportunities and plan accordingly



Our marketing solutions place your customers at the center. Find out who they are, connect with them through social media, and ensure they remain loyal to your brand. These solutions can be integrated to an existing in-house campaign, a Customer-centric solution provided by Anexa, or stand on their own as part of a larger strategic marketing plan. We are able to provide award-winning omnichannel solutions to help you reach the right people at the right time.


  • Customer service through social media
  • Lead generation
  • Customer satisfaction surveys


Database services

We have more than 20 years of proven experience dealing with all kinds of databases on all kinds of platforms. We can help you deal with yours, so you are able to work more efficiently and deliver better results.


  • Cleaning and maintenance of registries
  • Segmentation and updating

Information Technology

All our technology is developed in-house, which allows for full scalability and flexibility according to our client’s needs and goals. These services are available for full or partial installation.


Call Center

Our Call Center CRM suite was specifically designed by our developers to suit a unique set of requirements, channels, and scalability needs for our various clients in different industries. The most important features include:


  • ACD: unlimited users and all necessary reporting
  • IVR: intelligent call routing
  • CTI: we are able to integrate to your service platform, CRM and phone or WhatsApp
  • IT Support / Service desk
  • Blaster (telespot)
  • WhatsApp
  • SMS / Email blast
  • Chat campaigns: customer service, sales in multiple sessions per agent
  • Call recording (randomized, on-demand, or 100%)


We are able to provide this service to you in a full or partial installation, fully scaled and suited to your infrastructure.



How do we do it?

How Our BPO Outsourcing Company Provides Exceptional Customer Service in Spanish

Whether you need long-term customer service or project-based telemarketing in Spanish—Anexa offers the best talent to support your business objectives. Using the latest technology and proven processes, our experienced team designs and executes customized solutions to fulfill your goals. The unique ability to scale up or down as per your requirements, enables us to provide cost-effective customer acquisition. Together we can create and sustain meaningful customer relations that drive your brand.


Customized Cloud Software Services to Reduce Your Costs

As one of the leading BPO outsourcing companies in Mexico, we offer the latest cloud-based services to provide you with the desired business functionality at low rates. Tailoring our software to our customers’ needs allows for better flexibility, scalability and virtualized service. We can be anywhere there’s an internet connection!