Training Agents

Top talent who will look after your company

Talent Attraction

Our solid talent attraction process provide the right talent on time, reducing the time to fill for the different needs of our clientele. Regardless if the program is for Customer Service, Outbound or Inbound Sales, Lead Generation, Tech Support or any other program, our agreements with universities across the country and our branding specialists of Talent Attraction will work to meet our customer’s expectations.


Our company runs a strong, standardized in take process that takes all candidates through a screening process to select the best fitted for the job.

The process starts with advertising in social networks and all main locations in each city. This will generate a strong flow of candidates to start the intake process:


  1. First screening – either by phone or face to face, we qualify with knock-out questions those candidates who meet the minimum requirements.
  2. Assessments – run 20 minute interviews or cultural match test to ensure that the candidates meet the required cultural fit.
  3. Bilingual assessment – Interview in English or via computer test to ensure that the candidate’s English proficiency is adequate.
  4. Computer skills – Online assessment to get to know how familiar candidates are with technology and day to day tools to provide customer support.
  5. Technical skills – Customer test based on specific requirements of client’s project.
  6. DDI Interview of competencies – interview conducted by TA recruiters to learn more about those competencies needed in candidates to provide support.
  7. Job offer – offer letter are given to candidates with all labor and working terms and information about new employee orientation program.


During our customer training programs, our company prepares and verifies that the new recruits are well prepared to start providing support, service or ready for any other programs.

Training phases:

  1. Day 1: New employee orientation program
  2. Day 2: Product training – based on customer needs, length of training can take from one week to one month.
  3. Day 3 and onwards: Employees are trained with proven, well prepared scripts, sales, service and technical support techniques through role plays and simulations along with product specific training.
  4. Quality training: Module offered to all employees to get them familiar with scores, rules, scripts, calibrations, monitoring sessions, etc. and all expected quality standards.
  5. Final assessments: Only agents that succeed in the final assessment are assigned to the production floor.
  6. Nesting period: takes place during the first weeks of production and with a mix schedule of 80% taking call and 20% Q&A session with trainers. Agents are trained to achieve a successful career with Anexa.