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The future of the financial sector

The future of the financial sector

Financial services

It’s more important now than ever that financial institutions emphasize transparency and efficiency in their customer support. This will dictate customer retention in the short term and growth in the medium and long term. Achieving excellence in experience is now critical through offering broader services and a wider array of channels.


The new role of financial institutions

The needs of customers during and after the pandemic have created a high degree of uncertainty for the role financial instituiosn play in society. This is why the key points of a satisfying experience in dealing with financial insitutions are:

* Simplicity
* Transparency
* Clear expectations
* Constant status updates

Following these principles will increment value not only for customers, but for shareholders as well – according to McKinsey, organizations with a high score in customer satisfaction delivered 55% higher returns to shareholders.

A key competitive advange is to not lose sight of the fact that these are highly difficult times for customers, and that this will inevitably feed into the decisions they make.

Only 29% of users claim
to trust their banks

In order to reassert their positive place in society, financial institutions should prioritize increasing their efficiency at the same time they improve the experience they provide their customers.


The state of the financial sector in 2021
Learn what are the most important trends faced by banks, retirement funds, and insurance companies in the next normal.


One of the most important issues in the short term will be collecting and renegotiating debt, as well as restructuring credits.


Increase in demand for insurance

In order for consumers and businesses to continue dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic and its consequences, it is expected there will be an increase in the demand for medical, life, and business insurance, among others.

Cybersecurity, compliance, and fraud prevention

25% of banks state they see an obstacle for transformation in fully ensuring the security and protection of business and consumer data.

In order to manage risk, prevent fraud, drive growth, and boost benefits in the long run it is critical to have the technology and processes that will protect information without compromising the quality of service to customers.


A real digital

By strategically incorporating technologies like AI and big data, automating repetitive tasks, and integrating digital service tools, organizations will limit the number of human errors and will save costs.

Solution Anexa

Certified, award-winning solutions

The way in which consumers interact with organizations has been completely transformed, and the pandemic only accelerated the process. Now more than ever, it is vital to offer a service that helps them feel safe in the face of uncertainty. This goes from the tools used, the touchpoints, and active follow up of every case until its conclusion. And we are here to help you achieve it.

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The new norm

The new norm:

the future of customer experience

The pandemic forced us to evolve years in only a few months. What’s next?

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