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The pandemic forced us to evolve years in only a few months. What's next?

The new norm: the future of customer experience

The pandemic forced us to evolve years in only a few months. What’s next?

Covid-19 has transformed the way companies engage with their customers. However, this is the perfect time to transform your customer service strategy and cambiado por completo la forma en que las empresas se relacionan con sus clientes. Este es el momento perfecto para transformar la estrategia de servicio a clientes en una que atienda la experiencia completa, desde el primer contacto, sin importar en dónde se encuentren o qué canal prefieran.

– New Expectations –

Customer habits and expectations have changed with the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic. According to McKinsey, 75% of people that tried a digital channel for the first time will continue to use it when things go back to normal.

Thanks to this, customers’ expectations on what constitutes the bare minimum in experience for certain channels has changed, and they will prefer companies that fulfill their expectations and bring value to their interactions.

2021 will mark a year of transition, and this is our chance to create the future we want

The most important challenges in the coming months will be:

The effective integration of new channels and broadening their scope

Post-pandemic, it is expected to see growth of up to 90% in the use of digital channels in all sectors. Due to their accessibility and flexibility, digital channels are here to stay. Knowing how to create a comprehensive and cohesive omni-channel strategy will be a key differentiator.

Maintaining customer loyalty

80% of consumers have changed brands or the way they shop. Digital channels have increased the options to acquire practically any product or service. Only the companies that offer the best service and experience have real possibilities of creating long-lasting, valuable relationships with their customers.


If there is anything Covid-19 has taught us, is that agility is key to continuous and scalable operations. It’s critical to be prepared to face the changes in the environment and act accordingly.

Omni-channel strategies in action

We helped organizations in two very different sectors –education and telecommunications– with the integration of next-generation tools to their current service offerings.


Spotlight: The financial sector in 2021
and beyond

In the current landscape, it’s critical that financial institutions emphasize transparency, clarity, and efficiency in the support they provide their customers. This will dictate loyalty in the short term and growth in the long term.

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