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La Paz, Baja California

World-Class Telemarketing Services in Spanish: Taking Your Business Where it Matters

With over 41 million Spanish-speaking individuals in the US, providing efficient customer service in their native language is critical to the success of your business. Anexa’s offshore call centers in La Paz and other key Mexican cities can help you tap into this growing market ahead of your competitors.As one of the leading BPO outsourcing companies with extensive local and American business experience, you can count on us to take your brand where it matters. From telemarketing and help desk services to data entry outsourcing, we offer high-quality,personalized customer support in Spanish. Let’s discuss a plan to further promote your brand in America’s Hispanic community.

Expand Your Business with Anexa’s Low-Cost Customer Service in Spanish

Anexa combines the latest technology and skilled talent with a proven approach to expand your business reach. As an established customer service and help desk outsourcing company, you will always receive prompt and personalized service. Our strict adherence to ISO 9000 and 27000 standards assures our local and foreign clients of consistently high work quality. Focus on your business; leave the rest to us.

More than 240 Agents Serving our State-of-the-Art Spanish Speaking Call Center in La Paz, Baja California Sur

Our state-of-the-art Spanish-speaking call center in La Paz, Baja California Sur has more than 240 agents currently servicing approximately 120 stations. The city’s excellent infrastructure, educated bilingual work force and proximity to the US account for its emergence on the global commercial map.

The capital of the sovereign state of Baja California Sur, La Paz (meaning peace) offers a unique blend of urban excitement and small city charm. Owning to the constant interaction with our Northern neighbors as well as other countries in Europe, Asia and Oceania, a significant percentage of the population is fluent in English. Ahigh standard of living and quality of life bring the cream of the Mexican work force to the region.

Known for its Malecón seafront promenade with beaches, parks and art, La Paz is a hot favorite with US tourists. With Baja’s food scene gaining international acclaim, it has become a must-do experience for all visitors. John Steinbeck describes the city extensively in his novel, The Pearl as well as his travelogue The Log from the Sea of Cortez. It is also the setting of Scott O'Dell’s children's novel The Black Pearl which won the Newbery Honor Book in 1968.

One of the most important tourist destinations in the country and now a major manufacturing hub, La Paz has a growing American presence. Our cultural affinity with the United States, deep understanding of their business practices and consumer behavior make it profitable for companies to take advantage of our low-cost outsourcing services.

Guadalajara, Jalisco

Access a Growing Market with Our Experienced Customer Service in Spanish

Leverage our experienced telemarketing services to access the influential 41 million-strong Spanish-speaking market in the US. As one of the leading BPO outsourcing companies with a proven track record, our experienced agents know American consumer behavior well. Let us help you connect with the growing Hispanic community in a personalized way. Our state-of-the-art call centers in top Mexican cities like Guadalajara provide prompt professional telemarketing, help desk and data entry services which are tailored to your unique needs. Together, we can create an effective bilingual marketing effort to reach this growing market segment before your competitors do.

Transform Your Business with Award-Winning Customer Care from Anexa’s Spanish Speaking Call Centers

With a firm commitment to converting your prospects into loyal customers, our telemarketing, help desk and data entry outsourcing solutions leave your internal staff free to focus on your core business.We strictly adhere to ISO 9000 and 27000 standards, ensuring that your data is protected. Experience the difference that working with an award-winning customer service outsourcing company can make. Our 2019 awards from the Mexican Institute of Teleservices and Liderazgo Empresarial México are indicative of the high service quality you can expect.

Telemarketing in Spanish from Mexico’s ‘Silicon Valley’:Guadalajara, Jalisco

Our Spanish speaking call center in Guadalajara has more than 500 agents serving local and American businesses. Your calls are all recorded and available for review. You can evaluate our marketing strategies and quality of service at any time. A short flight away from major American states,including California, Texas, Florida and New York, you can conveniently come and check us out.

Mexico’s second largest city and the capital of Jalisco, Guadalajara goes beyond being the land of tequila and mariachi. High-tech business centers for Oracle, HP, IBM, Intel and CISCO have put it on the world R&D and technological map. Following this lead, numerous other international firms have also set up offices and manufacturing facilities in what has come to be known as the “Mexican Silicon Valley”.

A strong economic center with a qualified English and Spanish speaking workforce, Guadalajara is seen as one of the most business-friendly Latin American cities. In its 2007 survey entitled "Cities of the Future", FDI magazine ranked it as having the second strongest economic potential of any major North American city, behind Chicago.

Constant and regular interaction among businesses and tourists between Guadalajara and our northern neighbor also prompted many Mexicans to study in the United States.As a result, our deep understanding of American business and cultural practices enables us to provide companies across the border with skilled, low-cost supplementary talent.

Hermosillo, Sonora

Gain a Strong Business Edge with Customer-Focused Telemarketing in Spanish

Ensure that your Hispanic customers always receive service in their native language with our efficient Spanish telemarketing network. As one of the leading BPO outsourcing companies, Anexa’s call centers in Hermosillo and other Mexican cities offer 24/7 service to meet your unique business goals. From telemarketing and help desk support to data entry; we do it all. Being well-versed in American business culture and customer behavior, our Spanish-speaking agents are adept at quickly turning your prospects into loyal customers. Let us discuss a plan to help you tap into this influential target market of 41 million before your competitors make a stronger headway.

Effectively Connect with Spanish-Speaking Customers UsingAnexa’s Customized BPO Outsourcing Solutions

More than 20 years of experience, result-oriented service and low pricing,gives Anexa a distinct edge over other BPO outsourcing companies. Our proximity and cultural affinity with the United States creates winning combination for our local and foreign clients. See how our award-wining customer care can expand your business opportunities. Strict adherence to ISO 27000 and 9000 standards and Mexican Information Security Act-ensures high quality service. Focus on your business; leave the prospecting and customer care to us.

24/7 Customer Service in Spanish for Hermosillo, Sonora

Our Hermosillo call center offers 1,200 stations with round-the-clock support to accomplish your business goals. Leverage our Spanish customer service experts and flexible solutions for lead generation, collections, customer care, market research and other business development needs. Our trained team easily handles high call volumes and sorts our customer issues in the shortest possible time span.

The capital city of Sonora, Hermosillo, is well-connected to the US as well as the rest of the world. An efficient road, rail and air transportation sees a lot of traffic from neighboring American states. The establishment of Ford’s plant in 1986 put this developing city on the world manufacturing map. Several aerospace equipment, medical devices, metal fabrication and electronics companies then brought their manufacturing operations here giving the city’s workforce the opportunity to learn and be a part of American work culture. Baseball is popular here as well!

Close proximity to Arizona and California, world-class infrastructure, a dynamic business environment and similarities to the American way of life, see companies on both sides of the border actively engaging in commercial activities.

One of the highest-ranking Mexican states for higher learning, Sonora’seducationalinstitutions engage with many local businesses to provide training for their students. This translates to as killed and culturally-aware workforce American companies can take advantage of. Costco, Walmart, Sam's Club, The Home Depot, McDonald's, Domino's Pizza, Dairy Queen, IHOP, Subway,are some prominent businesses that share commercial space with our local establishments.

Tijuana, Baja California

Achieve Your Business Targets with Professional Customer Service in Spanish

Employ our Spanish-speaking call centers to reach and stay in touch with your Hispanic customers. We offer prompt and efficient telemarketing, help desk and data entry services to assist your customers as well as achieve your sales goals. As one of the preferred BPO outsourcing companies for American businesses, we have the tools to grow your client base, customer satisfaction rates and productivity. Our deep understanding of US customer behavior and culture enables us to make an effective connection with your target market. Let us discuss a plan to engage with this growing segment of 41 million through our expert customer support in Spanish.

Advance Your Business Prospects with Anexa’s Expert Telemarketing in Spanish

Anexa’s result-driven customer service in Spanish will help achieve your sales goals. Our dedicated agents utilize the latest cloud-based technology and a proven approach to improve your conversion rates. Strict compliance with ISO 9000 and 27000, and the Mexican Information Security Act assures you of our service quality. With our agents focused on engaging and servicing your customers, you are free to focus on your core business.

Connect with Spanish-Speaking Customers through Our Dedicated Call Center in Tijuana, Baja California Sur

Bilingual agents at our Spanish-speaking call center in Tijuana employ state-of-the-art tools to engage with your customers through their native language. Over 20 years of experience as a telemarketing outsourcing company uniquely positions us to help you make the connection before your competitors do. Whether you are looking to grow your customer base or provide support to existing clients, we can help achieve your goals.

New York Times listed Tijuana among its top 10 places to visit in 2017. “A culinary renaissance”, fueled by craft breweries, stylish coffee shops and globally informed restaurants,including Telefónica Gastro Park’s hipster food trucks and Baja Med spots account for the attention it receives from American tourists. According to reports,over 50 million people cross the border each year between Tijuana and San Diego, making the region one of the busiest land-border crossings in the world.

Tijuana’s manufacturing capabilities and knowledge economy contributed to its growth in international business. The fifth most popular Mexican city also boasts one of the highest concentrations of English-speaking residents in the country. Part of the Baja California region of Mexico and straddling the American city of San Diego (with whom it shares a border), both tourism and manufacturing thrive here. An abundance of low-cost bilingual skilled labor led to dozens of other foreign companies expanding operations here.

Tijuana is of economic importance both to the United States as well as Mexico. Initially a hot tourist spot and a gateway for US products to Latin America, it has now emerged as a manufacturing hub for US businesses boosting further investment in the region.

Mexico City

Get access to growing markets with Anexa's experienced customer service

We are one of the leaders of outsourcing BPO with a proven history of success. Allow us to help you establish a connection with the growing Hispanic market with a personalized approach. Our modern call centers in the most important cities, such as Mexico City provide professional telemarketing services, help desk, and data entry.

Advance your business with the awarded Customer Service in Spanish from Anexa Call Centers

Focus on your main activities and allow our outsourcing, telemarketing, help desk, and data entry personnel help you drive your business to success. Our strict adherence to ISO 9000 and 27000 standards ensures that your business processes are in the right hands, and all your sensitive information is protected. We are a recognized outsourcing Customer Service company. The recognition provided in 2019 from the Instituto Mexicano de Teleservicios (IMT) and the government publication Liderazgo Empresarial México 2019 is an indicator of the high-quality service that you can expect.

A call center located at the heart of the country: Mexico City.

Our Call Center in Mexico City has a capacity of 400 stations for bilingual agents and it's well equipped to operate chat campaigns. In addition, it is prepared to run 24/7, all year round. After Spanish, English is the most widely spoken language in Mexico City, which helps us find the most qualified personnel to adapt to your business needs.

Mexico City is considered a global city and one of the most important financial centers of the world. Its GDP represents 16.32% of the total industrial production in Mexico, which makes it one of the most dynamic economies globally. With 21 million inhabitants, it is ranked ninth within the biggest urban cities in the world. You will find here four of the 34 World's heritage places of this country: Centro Histórico, Xochimilco, the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México Campus and the house and studio of Luis Barragán (architect). It is also the second city with most museums in the world, just after London.

In gastronomy, Centro Histórico, Polanco and what is known as the Roma neighborhood are areas where well known restaurants offer typical dishes from every state of the country, and from all countries of the world. As an example, two restaurants in this city made the "50 Best restaurants of the world 2018" list.

Mexico City is just one flight from the United States. The Benito Juarez International Airport (AICM) carries the most traffic in the country and is one of the busiest in Latin America. It connects to all the main cities in the United States, most of the main capitals of Latin America, and other countries around the world.