The Future of Customer Service: RPA, AI and Outsourcing Companies

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Technological growth has outstripped the imagination – processes today that are not simply possible, but common, would have seemed the stuff of sci-fi a short couple of decades ago. And nothing has taken center stage like automation technology – specifically robotic process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence (AI). What’s the difference?


Unlike AI, RPA is a sharply defined technology, based on specific rules that guide its decisions to be predictable and understandable. On the other hand, AI is highly unpredictable, in that as associated technologies such as machine learning continue to learn, their behaviors and decisions can change. The bottom line, however, is that despite being used for different applications, RPA and AI are powerful additions to a business enterprise and can heighten both employee and customer experiences. Think of them as “automation on steroids”. And considering the speed with which this industry has taken hold, it only stands to reason that the future of commerce – particularly customer service – will be heavily impacted by RPA and AI.


It’s not just the repetitive tasks that will be managed with RPA and AI technologies. Much more complicated work can be delivered through the combination of the two, revolutionizing the industry and even providing the potential for RPA and AI to pass the Turing test (a test for intelligence in a computer, requiring that a human being should be unable to distinguish the machine from another human being) when executing white collar work. Focusing the strengths of RPI on assisting workers will have a predictable outcome: a more supported workforce with a significant increase in productivity. This, in turn, will boost employee satisfaction during a time when stress and burnout are peaking as a result of the pandemic. And at the end of the day, a superior employee experience generates a superior customer experience, which is a primary goal of every SMB owner.


While RPA and AI are increasingly responsible for great benefits in delivering elevated customer service, BPO / outsourcing companies are also reaching new levels with their own set of tools and specialized resources. Anexa, one such industry leader in BPO / outsourcing, has based its two decades of operations on the simple principle that “your customer can make – or break – your business”. Without a doubt, empowered customers are more in control and the collective goal of our customer service team is to increase client acquisition and retention for our range of industry partners.


Did you know that 84% of people trust online reviews as much as their friends? Our highly skilled and experienced specialists make it their mission to generate positive feedback for your brand. From marketing and help desk, to tech support and social media management, Anexa can create and administer an omnichannel brand presence that successfully supports all of your customer-centric activities. Our team members have been trained to customize interactions, fulfill expectations and promote loyalty within your customer base, and your insights will speak for themselves when partnering with Anexa.


Outsourcing these services makes sense for organizations looking ahead to the post-pandemic future. Never before has there been such extreme emphasis on best practises from a business standpoint. How to operate within the ‘next normal’ paradigm, and what to stop, start and accelerate, must be a primary consideration for every SMB operator. From the remote work model – to the shift from a traditional ‘silo’ to the redefined ‘platform’ operating model – to the incorporation of RI and AI technology – business is adapting in a brave new world. Through it all, exemplary customer service is still the gold standard.


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