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The Future is Here – and Healthcare Is at the Forefront of the Shift

September 19, 2022

The healthcare industry in the US is facing a transformation. It’s estimated that up to $265 billion worth of care services for Medicare fee-for-service and Medicare Advantage recipients will shift from traditional facilities to a home setting by 2025 – and without compromising quality or access. Although rising healthcare costs and disease have increased home …

Cash Is Not Dead – Yet

September 15, 2022

Digital behaviors were transformed and redefined as a result of the two-year pandemic. While every sector experienced its own challenges and changes, few were impacted as deeply as the banking industry. Contactless and mobile payments, and the explosion of QR-codes have become a testament to the fact that digital channels now dominate – across the …

The New Player in Town – eB2B Platforms

September 13, 2022

Done correctly, eB2B (Business-to-Business E-Commerce) platforms can potentially improve the experience and economics of most value chain players. While digitalization continues to sweep the world and the marketplace, nowhere is this dynamic showing up with more impact than in fragmented retail (independent small grocers and retailers, restaurants, and bars). With options such as online ordering …

It’s True: CX Can Make or Break a Brand

September 07, 2022

As customer demands and economic trends change constantly, “CX agility” has become the gold standard for businesses today. Exactly what is it? CX agility is the ability of a company to adapt its processes quickly in response to rapidly changing customer needs and market conditions. The brands with finely tuned CX agility keep an eye …

Next Level CX is Tied to Technology

September 04, 2022

Technology is at the heart of being able to provide a next-level customer experience. And while your CX is only as good as the humans that deliver it, their ability to do so is contingent on the efficacy of your tech stack. CX technology has advanced at staggering speed – many organizations struggle to keep …

The Best CX Is Derived From the Best Sales Leadership

September 02, 2022

While a lot is being said about customer experience in 2022, and how it is the single most compelling dynamic in driving success, what would it look like if we pulled back the CX curtain and took a deeper dive into the elements that go into building a powerful platform that supports exceptional customer experience? …