Revamping Talent Development for Overcoming Challenges

talent deelopment

If you are experiencing a critical shortage of talent and skills, it could be time to revamp your talent development. By investing in your workforce, you can overcome challenges to build a virtuous cycle to attract, advance, and retain talent.


The Importance of People Development


In a world of very open employer ratings, building a reputation as a company with a people development culture is critical to attracting talent from an increasingly shallow pool. When you prioritize learning and development, you can achieve that virtuous cycle, so you become more successful in your recruitment and retention process.


How to Revamp Talent Development


You can overcome common workforce challenges with the following talent development strategies:


Adapt great onboarding experiences


A thoughtful onboarding plan ensures new hires aren’t left in a sink-or-swim situation, struggling to succeed on their own. Instead, it should span the first six- to 12-months of a new employee’s experience, providing:

  • Continuous coaching
  • Networking opportunities
  • Formal skills development and trajectories


Empower the learner with state-of-the-art platforms


Integrated learning experiences leveraging leading technology and training platforms empower the learner to embrace self-led opportunities. This drives engagement and personalizes learning pathways that open internal opportunities. The right platform delivers improved experiences and makes learning fun, helping drive the importance of continuous training as part of your company culture. You can also include collaborative learning as part of team-building experiences and leverage peer-to-peer coaching.


Embrace teachable moments


On-the-job experiences continue to deliver value, embracing teaching opportunities critical to skill development. With ongoing coaching and driving transversal skills, you facilitate effective succession planning and filling leadership roles.


Foster a ‘leader-led’ culture


Leaders also require talent development focused on coaching skills that nurture peers and employees. Leaders are at the heart of fostering growth and career advancement opportunities. Good leadership begets good leadership, scaling flexible development opportunities.


Flaunt your worth


A growth mindset needs to become part of your business strategy so you can recognize your worth and communicate your value. Your people development needs to include active management of your skill portfolio and becoming better at assessing the value of skills, whether they are brought or built.


Integrate development into your infrastructure


The technology architecture of learning introduces a common and consistent enterprise-wide philosophy integrated into your learning landscape and company culture. This helps inform your people’s decisions. Some examples might include creating a centralized learning hub, using formalized tracking methodologies to measure effectiveness, and including transversal skills as part of your learning philosophy.


Continue to improve people development


People-development functions are not static. They are dynamic and require new capabilities and roles to maintain their value. Becoming more strategic by introducing people analytics and technology capabilities in hand with business wide collaboration and human-centric design allows you to create a more sustainable model that fills changing skills gaps and maintains shifts at scale.

Using people development to address current and future skills gaps creates a culture where employees’ skills are put to good use, new skills are developed, and career advancement is an integral part of your HR strategy. As a result, you attract talented individuals who contribute greater value to your organization over the lifetime of their careers.

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