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Customer Feedback Can Up Your Service Game

October 25, 2022

We hear it time and again…delivering next-level customer experience is everything. Today’s consumers have extremely high expectations and a plethora of choices. The digital marketplace has thrown the door open to purchasing options, and “shopping around” is as simple as a keystroke. It’s also true that one of the most intrinsic elements of great customer …

A Fresh Look at Customer Loyalty

October 22, 2022

In today’s ever-evolving business world, much attention is being placed on customer experience – CX. And while this principle remains a driving force for organizations that want to stay ahead of the customer curve, another equally important part of this equation is customer loyalty. Once you have acquired this critically important audience, how do you …

Resilience is a Determining Factor of Success Across All Sectors

October 16, 2022

There can be many powerful takeaways to be found in the financial institution business model. Managing financial risk is one of the cornerstones of successful financial organizations – these include credit risk, market risk, along with funding and liquidity risk. The school of thought around these fundamental approaches is that risks can be quantified and …

2022 Is the Year of Retail Media Networks

October 14, 2022

There is an emerging – and important – trend on the horizon. Retail media networks are showing up as the future of retail.  What is a retail media network? It’s a component of a retailer’s website or app that gives outside advertisers access to its first-party customer data and channels. This allows brands to reach …

Attention B2B Players: Omnichannel is Here to Stay

October 11, 2022

As with most other business models, B2B companies were hit hard by the pandemic and were forced to pivot to a remote model while sales reps were confined to their home offices. It turns out, however, that this was far from a temporary patch. Recent research shows that two-thirds of US buyers now opt for …

Digital Supremacy Involves More Than Traditional Marketing

October 07, 2022

Across all sectors, personalization initiatives are being directly linked to revenue increases. In fact, over the past five years, the companies that subscribe to this business model have seen increases in revenues of 6% to 10%, along with an increase in net incremental revenue of anywhere from 40% to 100%. In every industry including home …