Customer Feedback Can Up Your Service Game

We hear it time and again…delivering next-level customer experience is everything. Today’s consumers have extremely high expectations and a plethora of choices. The digital marketplace has thrown the door open to purchasing options, and “shopping around” is as simple as a keystroke. It’s also true that one of the most intrinsic elements of great customer experience is providing exceptional service. And nowhere is that more applicable – and essential – than in the bricks-and-mortar sales model. Because while the product will always be an important part of the mix, success at retail today is less about what you sell, and more about how you sell it.

Given that the new retail paradigm involves both the people that the retailer serves (the customers) and the people who do the serving (the staff), it’s clear that these are the two most critical factors in retail success today. In fact, new surveys show just how critically important the person-to-person relationship is between the customer and the rep in today’s retail environment. It’s true – customers’ desires for access to information, personalization and immediacy continue to upend old business models. When people want or need to buy a product they increasingly turn to the internet, but when they want a shopping experience, they still go to the store. The very product-centric foundation on which retail was built has changed completely: serving the needs of people – not selling the product – is the real goal of retail today, and how the money is made.

Authentic, caring, and personal customer service on the floor greatly enhances customer satisfaction – and results in an increased likelihood that they will return for another shopping experience. So how to deliver? Sometimes, using customer feedback itself can be a powerful tool to motivate staff and elevate customer service standards. And remember, this is a journey, not a destination – it needs to be an ongoing, never-ending process to keep improving.

A great place to start is by identifying exactly what “good” service means to your particular customers. While for some it might be as simple as availability, or a friendly face, it generally runs deeper than that. Sales associates’ product knowledge has a much bigger impact on the average transaction value – in fact, when a staff member is rated as highly knowledgeable, a customer spends on average 23% more. The takeaway? Investing in your staff’s knowledge of your brand provides a clear ROI.

Getting creative with customer feedback can yield some great results. If you’re looking to ascertain which “best practices” are of greatest appeal, even asking a question like “Did we ask your name today?” can point the way to improving customer service.

Sometimes staff can be highly motivated by customer feedback as organizations use it as way to create friendly competition. Identifying the different elements of preferred customer service interactions can be used to drive the adoption of those elements and sales tactics by staff members throughout every level of the organization.

Ultimately, however, businesses that utilize customer service outsourcing companies can move to the front of the customer service line by enriching every level of consumer interactions. A twenty-year veteran in the constantly evolving consumer-driven world, Anexa is a proven outsourcing leader and can provide a wide range of business process specialists to support your goals and represent your brand with authenticity.

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