Staying Ahead of the Pandemic Curve – Outsourcing Customer Service

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Cus•tom•er Serv•ice: The assistance and advice provided by a company to those people who buy or use its products or services


The Oxford Dictionary lists “customer service” as a noun – but for our purposes, let’s consider it a verb – an action verb. True customer service is actionable and involves a set of practices that are designed and executed solely to keep customers happy. When customers are happy, they use more products/services, cost less to serve and brand loyalty is reinforced. Sounds simple, right?


The global crisis of the past year has blown up “normal” business practices. With social distancing and business shutdowns – or at the very least – slow downs, companies have scrambled to meet safety protocols while remaining operational. And these new processes have leaned heavily on a transition to digital – something that many customers struggle with: in the US, while the most satisfied customers rely on digital transactions multiple times per week, the second most satisfied customers don’t use it at all! So how does the business world at large move that second group into the first?  Encourage, lead and point the way. In other words, train your customer.  And that’s exactly why – today more than ever – outsourcing companies are taking center stage in the ultra-competitive world of customer service.


Anexa is one such industry leader. The reality is that not enough customers use digital-based options because they find them intimidating and unfamiliar. Introducing and/or raising the consumer’s comfort levels with digital interactions is something that our customer service specialists are extremely familiar with. These teams are tech-savvy and know how to smooth out your customers’ learning curve by introducing and reinforcing the undeniable advantages that come with going digital in a post-pandemic world. They utilize effective approaches including clear communication, remote coaching and advice, and concise explanations of how to accomplish specific digital tasks. How to train your customer, indeed!  Welcome to the future.


The Anexa team takes each customer interaction seriously and, recognizing our critical role as the face – or voice – of your business, authentically mirrors your brand. At Anexa, we are committed to bringing your audience an exceptional customer service experience through our exacting hiring process, meticulous training and consistent upgrading. We recognize that our role exceeds that of a business process outsourcing entity – we truly consider ourselves your valued business partner.


Understanding the core principle that the customer can make or break your business, our pros are also trained in First Contact Resolution practises. (Did you know that more than 80% of consumers who switched providers due to poor service, say their loyalty could have been retained if the issue had been resolved on first contact with the company?) Our talented customer service outsourcing specialists never forget that fact.


While we’re on the topic of customer service and all of the finer points it entails, it’s important to remember that the process of crystal-clear communication ranks right at the top. That’s where Anexa prevails as well. Our brand care expertise extends to superior customer service in Spanish – considering the prevalence of Hispanic influence (today, the US is the second largest Spanish-speaking country in the world) – it only makes sense to recognize – and utilize –  that demographic when structuring your operations.


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