Pandemic Aftermath Insights + Business Process Outsourcing

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The ways in which COVID-19 has impacted our world are too many to count: the political, economic, social, health and existential fallout has left an indelible mark. For the past 18 months, people struggled through stay-at-home orders, travel bans, restrictions on meeting individuals from other households and the closure of nonessential stores including gyms, cinemas, museums, art galleries and even places of worship. While some of the changes have actually led to adaptability and improvements in how we conduct ourselves both socially and in a business sense, some have created setbacks that will require flexibility, agility and innovation to overcome.


One of the most significant impacts made by the pandemic has been on the use of behavioural health services. It’s no secret that psychological distress and substance use have reached new levels in the US as a result of the past year and a half. With companies going into lockdown, scores of lost jobs – and health care – as a result (by June 2020, 7.7 million workers had lost jobs with sponsored insurance due to COVID-19), and a tragically staggering loss of life, the effect on mental health is unsurprising.


What IS surprising, however, is that while psychological distress and substance use have increased, the reliance on behavioral health services has decreased. The reasons for this are multiple: loss of health insurance, stay-at-home mandates, provider closures and avoidance/fear of in-person care are just a few. And this reduction has persisted beyond the pandemic, revealing another new trend: a dramatic rise in telehealth services and a virtual care model.


Anytime we talk about digital / virtual delivery platforms, it opens the door to the role that BPO (outsourcing) companies can play in supporting this new world. It’s true – at a time when patient needs are higher than ever, the lower access to in-person care has been neatly offset by the rapid transition to telehealth for behavioral health needs. In fact, this is another example of a pandemic-forged model that simply is not going anywhere due to high patient satisfaction with telehealth services. Here, as with so many other services and business processes, the virtual option offers a type of convenience and personal care never before experienced. And more than ever, BPO outsourcing companies like Anexa are in a perfect position to support these remote service models.


With over twenty years in the competitive outsourcing industry, Anexa has established itself as a leader in brand care across many business sectors – including health – by acting as a trusted partner in the provision of remote, customer-centric services. Our rigorous hiring process and periodic staff training ensure that our agents are your agents, acting on behalf of your company as the face (and voice) of your business – regardless of your industry. The in-depth training received by our customer service specialists fosters consistent and seamless interactions. We also specialize in bilingual services – a clear advantage considering the growth of the Hispanic market in the US today. Your critical bottom line will benefit as well – few outsourcing companies can match our pricing when you consider the quality of support you receive.


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