When Outsourcing Call Center Services, Consider Agents With Telemarketing Experience – Part 1

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Call center agents have considerable responsibility in the big picture of running a company. We know by now that a key component of successfully retaining customers is maintaining trust. When a client reaches out to a call center to resolve product issues or find answers pertaining to the product, they expect to speak with a knowledgeable representative who won’t just solve their problem, but restore their faith in the brand as a whole. They want to know that they’re taken care of and that they’ve chosen well. This is why companies that opt for outsourcing their call center needs, should seriously consider hiring among those with telemarketing experience under their belt. A telemarketing background is extremely valuable. It broadens a customer support agent’s skillset significantly – particularly when it comes to queries, product issues and complaints.


Telemarketing and Call Center Services – The Difference


Telemarketing: Often outsourced to a third-party contractor, telemarketing is the telecommunications sector of marketing. Telemarketing agents are trained in attracting new target customers and retaining existing ones by strategically promoting companies’ products and services to generate and convert leads. This is done with a great level of skill by appealing and catering to each customer’s specific requirements. Experienced agents are able to build a foundation of trust with useful, honest product information and foster an organic, positive dialogue which invites intrigue and product questions.


Even in the digital age, telemarketing still manages to uphold its high success rate, which is why so many reputable companies continue to regard this business practice as an effective channel to achieving lead generation and conversions.


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Call Center Services: Call center associates go by many different titles. Customer service representatives, help desk agents and support staff, just to name a few – but they all serve the same purpose. Their job is to provide assistance to customers with product queries and issues, dissatisfaction and general inquiries – a very important role indeed. These individuals are the consumer’s direct line to a brand. This is precisely why customer support staff must be meticulously trained and educated, especially with regard to the brand they’re representing.


It is common for companies to choose an outsourcing company to manage this department.


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The Link Between Telemarketing and Customer Service


Both departments are essential pieces in the puzzle of a successful and well-rounded business – and it isn’t difficult to find the link between the two. They both require adept customer-facing agents to connect with clientele and speak their language, literally and figuratively. They both demand patience, perseverance and the canny ability to find common ground and form lasting relationships with the people to whom they’re speaking and providing assistance.


Because these two fields are so closely related, the skills of an individual with telemarketing knowledge carry over perfectly to a position in customer support.


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