There’s a New Kid in Town: Generative Pre-Trained Transformer (ChatGPT)

Let’s face it: cutting-edge personalization initiatives are front and center in today’s business world. Across all sectors, these types of practices are responsible for significant revenue increases – anywhere from 6% to 10%, with an increase in net incremental revenue of anywhere from 40% to 100%.

But there’s another phenomenon to factor into this revolutionary concept: ChatGPT, or Generative Pre-Trained Transformer. This is state-of-the-art natural language processing (NLP) technology, and it is transforming the customer service field. Because of its ability to understand and interact in a conversational way, ChatGPT can help businesses achieve more streamlined, accurate and personalized interactions with their customers. Welcome to the future!

While the traditional customer service models rely on pre-programmed responses, or a finite number of human reps to manage customer inquiries, ChatGPT can handle an unlimited amount of inquiries at the same time, while responding to customers accurately and efficiently in real time. In addition, ChatGPT uses advanced NLP algorithms to provide and interpret the context of the customers’ inquiries, further enabling the responses to be customized to each unique query or request. Another distinct advantage of incorporating NLP technology into your customer service initiatives is the fact that ChatGPT has the ability to “learn” from customer interactions, and literally improves with consistent use. As it processes more inquiries, it better understands customer needs and improves the quality of the service. These intelligent experience engines become micro-focused on creating positive moments at every step of the customer journey.

Just like an exceptionally skilled customer service representative, ChatGPT is able to handle a wide range of customer inquiries – from details regarding products and services to shipping and purchasing information, to troubleshooting. This technology shows the potential to transform the customer service sector, giving businesses the opportunity to handle a larger volume of customer interactions, with better service and outcomes. That said, can ANYTHING really replace the human touch?

While AI is being used to capture, analyze and deliver personalized customer service data at scale – and with that – understand, shape, customize and optimize the customer journey, we believe that authentic human interaction can never be fully duplicated or replaced. There will always be something about positive contact with another human that fulfills something in all of us and leaves us feeling satisfied, understood, heard….the list goes on. At the end of a constructive interaction with a skilled customer service rep, most of us are left with positive feelings and loyalty toward the brand. And being able to generate those feelings in a customer is money in the bank for businesses.

Most business leaders are still dealing with the challenges of delivering seamless omnichannel experiences and mastering digital supremacy, and many are turning to BPO outsourcing companies to execute a range of their business processes. With award-winning Anexa as your outsourcing partner, you gain a carefully curated, highly skilled pool of CX specialists to manage your customer-facing activities. Anexa agents are specifically trained to handle both the technology of your business and the customer-centric platform that is so critical in supporting a next-level customer experience.

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