Creation of Exceptional Customer Experience is Both an Art and a Science

Most brands today are aware of the need to deliver a compelling customer experience. Organizations continue to focus on the “how” of creating exceptional CX. What follows, however, can be a little unclear for some. The good news is that research and studies are providing comprehensive – and data-based – guides that address the intricacies of this process. Taking a look at some of the best practices extrapolated from the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) can act as a great compass for organizations looking to up their CX game.

  1. Marketing ecosystems can heavily impact a company’s commitment to creating a compelling customer experience. Geographic position can dictate not simply the correct technology to implement, but decisions impacted by supply chain, distribution, fulfillment platforms and resources specific to a particular region. Anticipation of market changes and changing consumer tastes also need to be taken into account – region by region.
  2. Embedded within every organization’s marketing initiatives is the golden rule of customer understanding – how is your brand viewed by your audience, and why? For leaders to assume that their organizations are well understood and their customers are completely satisfied is a dangerous trap. The needs of the consumer must be perfectly aligned with the company’s goals.
  3. Part of a stellar customer experience program is providing the utmost convenience. High consumer expectations demand the ability to purchase wherever, whenever. Those organizations that can market and provide products and services with speed, quality, value and responsiveness will thrive in the marketing ecosystem.
  4. An interesting statistic has emerged out of the e-commerce model. Research shows that digital customers expect a higher satisfaction quotient to engage in a repurchase, whereas brick-and-mortar customers may repurchase products even when dissatisfied with the previous purchase. That said, these customers are more driven by the quality of their experience when rating overall satisfaction. The takeaway here is that social media can become a powerful tool in supporting a company’s ability to influence its customers.
  5. Another compelling research fact regarding sustainability states that an organization’s costs and product prices can increase anywhere from 27% to 72% while still allowing the company to remain competitive. But this strategy can be replaced – at least partially – by creating compelling customer experiences. This might include incentivizing purchases by bundling products and services.
  6. Today’s sophisticated consumers – with their higher expectations – are showing an increased desire to engage with brands. It’s important for organizations to be aware that their reputation, overall culture, and customer insights can provide a rich environment to generate this dynamic, while encouraging their employees to build authentic, empathy-based relationships with their customers.

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