Call Centers Serving American Hispanics Need More Than Spanish Agents

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Not every call center is created equal, especially when it comes to meeting the contemporary needs of your customer base. While Spanish speaking call centers do deliver the services you need to confidently serve Hispanic customers, having a strong grasp on both Spanish and English, as well as customer service best practices, is now more important than ever. Here’s why Spanish speaking call center agents should be just one aspect of your outsourced call center services.

You Need Bilingual Agents, Not Just Spanish

Your customer base isn’t just English speaking or Spanish speaking. Chances are, you have a range of customers that speak both languages to varying degrees of proficiency. With that knowledge, Anexa has made it a point to offer multilingual call center services to ensure that your customers are served in a way that makes the best sense for them.

Some native Spanish speakers are wanting to increase their level of proficiency in English and want to have a conversation in English, rather than their native language. In this case, call center agents must be equipped with advanced English language skills but still remain able to supplement the conversation with Spanish if needed.

Anexa’s bilingual agents are competent in both Spanish and English, with the ability to speak to native speakers and those that are limited in either language. Beyond the technical knowledge of the language, understanding accents and maintaining a high level of comprehension is expected. This means that, for your customers, communication is effortless.

Good Customer Service Skills

Beyond expert Spanish and English language skills, every quality call center must have a firm grasp on what it means to deliver good customer service skills. This is established through strong rapport and an understanding of how to connect with your customers.

Good customer service means making a conscious effort to understand the specific behaviors and preferences of your customers. Our call center agents also have a mastery of the different communication styles that diverse customers prefer. For example, English-speaking Americans tend to communicate more directly, while Hispanics generally communicate with more sensitivity and in a more ‘roundabout’ way, according to Cultural Atlas. Knowledge of this is how Anexa’s team of call center agents are able to deliver award-winning customer service that leaves a lasting positive impression of your business.

In the end, our goal is to deliver call center services that support your business objectives. Our full range of services are designed to improve your sales, promote the value of your offerings, and grow brand loyalty through strategic customer experiences.

Customer Service Beyond the Language

We know that your customer service needs more than Spanish speaking agents. Anexa delivers award-winning call center services in both Spanish and English, which means that you can confidently outsource customer service to us knowing that our agents will take care of your most valued customers just as you would.

Learn more about how your business can benefit from a Spanish speaking call center. Contact us here or call us at 1.855.906.5102 to discuss your call center needs.