ANEXA BPO wins one silver trophy in the 2021 Premio Nacional IMT

March 25, 2021 – The winners of the 2021 Premio Nacional awarded by the Mexican Institute of Teleservices (IMT) were announced this Thursday. This year Anexa BPO won a silver trophy in the category of BEST OPERATIONS STRATEGY.


The Premio Nacional seeks to recognize initiatives that have a positive impact on the financial, technological, operational, organizational development, and even brand positioning results of companies in the customer service sector in Mexico.


Anexa BPO won a silver trophy in the 2021 edition thanks to a comprehensive operations strategy that maintained business continuity in 8 sites in 6 cities all over the country facing the Covid-19 sanitary crisis that landed in Mexico in March 2020. With customers in sectors designated as essential –such as government and telecommunications–, there was no room for error.


This is the third award Anexa BPO receives due to its corporate response to the Covid-19 pandemic.


The Mexican companies that won this edition were announced on Thursday, March 25, during the virtual ceremony of the Premio Nacional IMT.


About Anexa BPO

We’re a Mexican company with over 20 years’ experience in offering tailored solutions to a wide variety of companies to help them accomplish diverse business goals, whether they be centered around customer experience or by acting as a strategic outsourcing partner. Through the integration between technology, processes, and human talent, we are committed to transform customer service into meaningful experiences. We aim to provide the best solutions for customer service and experience using tools that are close to the customers, engaging them in their own terms, at their own time.