When Sourcing Third-Party Contractors, a BPO Company Is the Superior Choice – Part Two

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In part one of our blog, we discussed the great economic advantages that outsourcing offers, no matter the size of your business, or the number of full-time employees you currently have on staff. It’s always wise to pursue cost-effective solutions that positively impact your company’s bottom line. Where there is savings, there is more room for profit, as well as allocating funds to other important areas.


If you’re looking into outsourcing for your company, you may be weighing your options, trying to determine the best route for your business.


You probably know by now that there is more than just one way to outsource, and ultimately, your requirements and personal preferences will make the final call.


Freelance Contracting – Pros and Cons


Freelance contracting involves hiring independent workers to manage or fill certain positions within a department or company. These individuals often have multiple clients or companies which supplement their annual salary, allowing them to determine how much work they are able to take on.


Freelance contractors are generally more expensive with regard to their hourly rate, and more difficult to source. Companies and business owners are often referred to specific freelancers through word of mouth. Although the hourly rate is typically higher than a full-time employee or a BPO company, the savings comes in the ability to work within a feasible budget via number of hours – you determine the amount of time you’ll require of them to meet your expenditure needs.


Another benefit is that you build a close-knit relationship with your freelance contractor, which is useful for efficiency and developing easy, fluid communication. Your contractor will get to know your company, preferences and business goals.


BPO Companies Offer the Best of Both Worlds


BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) companies are a great solution to budgetary limitations, and allow you to avoid the time-consuming process of sourcing individual contractors. A BPO company offers the benefit of a highly trained staff, without the exorbitant cost that goes along with it. Because BPO company costs are shared among multiple clients, the individual rate is vastly decreased. With a BPO company, you are able to avoid the lengthy hiring and training process necessary with most freelance workers and in-house employees. As well, BPO companies are fully operational with equipment and the best technology.


You don’t have to be a multinational corporation to reap the benefits of BPO – most companies will be able to work within your budget and business requirements.


There are many reasons for companies to opt for BPO as opposed to individual freelance workers, especially in the case of specific positions and departments. Hiring individual telemarketers, for example, puts a strain on your time and resources, bringing cost up and profits down. This is because generally, telemarketing positions are not easy to fill or train – the job demands a wealth of experience and skill. On the other hand, contracting a reputable BPO company saves you time and money, as well as positively impacts your sales, thanks to its exceedingly qualified telemarketing agents and training techniques.


If you’re considering outsourcing, be sure to choose a trusted BPO company. At Anexa, our experience goes back over 20 years – we have the resources and track record to take your business to the next level.


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