What Kinds of Services Does an Outsourcing Company Offer?

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There are many functions of a BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) company, which is why so many businesses, from startups to multinational corporations, have chosen to taken advantage of this popular, cost-cutting practice.


Quite often, business owners will look for ways to fill various positions without adding an astronomical amount to their overall expenditure. Setting up any new department requires a large quantity of time, personnel and funds (i.e. sourcing/recruiting, extensive training, equipment/software), therefore many turn to BPO companies which already have access to the necessary resources and staff.


Let’s talk about some of the areas for which a BPO company would offer outsourcing services…


Help Desk/Call Center/Customer Support


This department acts as a direct link between company and customer. Some would argue that this is the single most important sector of any business or product, and for good reason – plain and simple, customers control your profits. It is imperative that companies tend to client needs, be widely accessible and available to answer product-related queries as well as offer problem resolution as needed. Customer support is the eyes and ears of a business – the central point for all information and communication surrounding your product or service. All customer service agents are representing your brand, so these individuals must be competent and well-trained in order to successfully retain customers as well as attract new ones.


It is recommended that call center agents be multilingual in order to provide another angle of support to customers whose primary language isn’t English. In the US, Spanish-speaking call center agents are extremely valuable to a business and its ability to connect with their entire customer base. At Anexa, our agents are meticulously trained in customer relations/support and fluent in both English and Spanish.


Data Entry


Though some presume this job to be tedious and trivial, data entry is a complex and integral part of running a business. As its name states, this role entails imputing and storing vital company and customer information into a computer for various reasons, such as to refer back on later as well as inform critical business/marketing decisions moving forward. Data entry clerks must be proficient and accurate in typing and transcription, have adequate software knowledge and exceptional organizational skills. Many BPO companies offer data entry services as they possess exceedingly capable and experienced personnel in this field.




Much to the disbelief of some, telemarketing remains one of the most effective forms of lead generation, which is why it continues to be heavily utilized as a viable marketing tool. There is much room for error in the way calls are executed – therefore the techniques in which telemarketing agents operate are fastidious and strategic. It’s important for these sales-minded individuals to have a sharp understanding of their target customers as well as how to best cater and sell to their wants and needs – without being pushy. This is of course a very fine line to have to walk, which is why the best telemarketers remain up-to-date with the most effective sales tactics. There is an important psychological component to this job which is why an experienced and skilled telemarketing staff is indispensable.


Telemarketing is another example where businesses might want to consider enlisting a BPO company with multilingual capabilities – there is significant value in appealing to a wider range of consumers.


At Anexa, we provide top quality customer support, data entry and telemarketing services, so you can be confident that your business is being represented by the highest caliber individuals – without sacrificing your bottom line. Contact us to get started.