What Are The Trade-Offs Of Working With Outsourcing Companies?

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More American businesses than ever before are turning to outsourcing companies for a wide variety of services that are intended to streamline business operation and reduce costs. Like most business decisions, this involves a set of trade-offs that you’ll need to evaluate for yourself to decide whether outsourcing makes sense for your specific business.

Cutting Employee Costs

Hiring and keeping employees is expensive. By the time you add up costs like recruiting, onboarding, training, employment taxes, and benefits for an hourly employee (salaried employees typically cost even more), you can expect to add between 25 and 40 percent to that employee’s salary. And that doesn’t include the cost of that employee’s workspace and equipment.

Outsourcing companies remove these burdens because you’re contracting for the use of their employees’ time and skill to accomplish your goals. They take care of the human resources issues and costs associated with finding and keeping those employees. You get more flexibility, with lower labour burden and reduced long-term commitment.

Concerns Over Quality & Security

Smart business owners will be asking themselves whether outsourcing will result in lower quality service and reduced customer experience, and possibly security issues. It’s true that outsourcing companies vary greatly in the level of service, training, and security their people provide. When choosing among outsourcing companies, ask about their process and procedures, and how those will protect your data and your customers’ security. It’s also critical that you contract with a provider who not only delivers consistently effective service but also gives your customers a sense of seamless service: Do your customers feel like they’re talking to someone who represents your company the way one of your own employees would?

Anexa BPO Stands Out Among Outsourcing Companies

In addition to our ISO 9000 certifications and ITIL-certified personnel, Anexa BPO offers its clients enhanced security with secure redundant data storage, and nearly 20 years of demonstrated success. In fact, we earned the National Excellence Award for innovative projects that exemplify the best in national and international outsourcing practices. Call or contact us online to learn more about how our English and Spanish-speaking call centers can improve your customer loyalty and profitability.