The Most Successful Businesses Utilize Outsourcing Companies for Telemarketing – Part Two

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In Part One of our blog on utilizing outsourcing companies for Telemarketing, we revisited the undeniably popular customer outreach tactic. We discussed the many strengths of telemarketing versus other forms of customer outreach, as well as where and how it can best serve businesses. One of the most prominent roles that BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) companies fill is telemarketing. But why do so many successful companies entrust this department to outsourcing companies?


BPO – Breaking It Down


Outsourcing is the process of contracting third-party providers to manage and carry out various tasks and projects. It has become one of the most standard business practices, with some of the largest household brands relying on outsourcing to keep the metaphorical wheels turning.


Common areas to outsource include customer service (both online and via call centers), data entry and of course, telemarketing – of this area, outsourcing companies are masters.


BPO companies in particular have earned their positive reputation among all kinds of industries for their swift and effective approach, large teams of professionals, extensive department-specific training and access to the most current technologies.


Why BPO Companies Are Preferred and the Cost of Convenience


BPO companies are a go-to for the above reasons – but did you know that they can also save you money?


Some businesses might desire an in-house team for all departments – but this route can actually be detrimental to a brand’s bottom line and overall efficiency.


Developing an in-house team for telemarketing or any of the aforementioned departments is a costly enterprise. Although business executives might decide it favourable to host their own team of professionals for reasons we can appreciate, the benefits often outweigh the financial risk. With an in-house team, you are responsible for not only recruiting and interviewing potential employees (a lengthy process), but training, office equipment and space, not to mention employee benefits and all the typical expenses of bringing on new full-time members of staff.


Outsourcing telemarketing to BPO companies offers all the same assurances as training your own personal team in-house, without the exorbitant outlay. But how is this possible?


For one, outsourcing companies’ expenses are shared across numerous clients, thereby allowing for a substantially lower cost of services than that of in-house departments. This generally means much more flexibility with regard to terms and attractive pricing models. Many businesses choose outsourcing companies namely for the savings and flexibility they can offer.


Significantly reducing overhead costs via outsourcing can positively impact your business operation and goals in the long term. By allowing you to invest more into other key areas, you can gain an edge on the competition. Outsourcing companies have an excellent track record with regard to telemarketing thanks to their experienced and astute agents.


Your Time Is Valuable


Outsourcing companies afford you more time to focus your efforts on important stages of your business’ development that most require your attention – and that’s an incredibly appealing asset.


It’s hard to ignore the boundless advantages offered by outsourcing companies, especially where telemarketing is concerned. If you’re looking into customer outreach tactics, Anexa can provide you with effective, budget-friendly solutions and first-rate teams of professionals to nurture and maintain the most critical business relationships of all – those between you and your valued clients.