The Most Successful Businesses Utilize Outsourcing Companies for Telemarketing – Part One

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Telemarketing and outsourcing companies are sometimes overlooked in importance. Despite their longstanding success rates, both telemarketing and outsourcing companies (especially when paired together) continue to be misunderstood by many. In this blog, we’ll discuss the misconceptions that are often associated with each, as well as the value they bring to the table – separately and together.


Telemarketing – A Full Breakdown


Most of us are aware of the basic fundamentals regarding telemarketing. However, its best uses and strengths, as well as its most effective methods, remain a mystery to some in the competitive world of business.


As we know, telemarketing is the process of reaching out to various customers, both potential and existing, with the aim of promoting certain products, services and/or promotions. These company-customer exchanges must be expertly executed by the telemarketing agents to ensure a high percentage of positive outcomes – i.e., sales, customer loyalty and brand advocacy. The position of a telemarketing agent demands masterful communication skills, the ability to easily relate to customers, and sell without appearing too “salesy”. The most successful telemarketing agents are experienced in the field and have the unique power of persuasion in their skill set.


Telemarketing involves far more than just cold-calling, and there is most definitely an art to selling in this format. This is why companies often turn to BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) for plans that involve telemarketing.


Is Telemarketing Still Effective?


In short, yes. Telemarketing is a mainstay contributor in the sales and promotion sector of running a business. This is due to its high customer reach as well as lead and conversion rate. Some mistakenly see this practice as obsolete, and these misguided beliefs have led to misinformation and even a negative reputation, but the truth remains – telemarketing is still a heavily utilized activity for the simple reason that it IS effective – and the most successful businesses know this.


Telemarketing’s popularity has been upheld for decades and it is because large corporations are cognizant that a large cross section of their customers respond well to this form of marketing. Certain demographics are more easily accessible via telemarketing and thus more easily sold to. Because of the nature of these particular demographics, telemarketing is an especially promising tool for results-driven companies to take advantage of.


Telemarketing’s Strengths


What makes telemarketing special is the benefit of one-on-one communication between a company representative and a customer. This allows companies to easily pinpoint individual needs and offer more personalized service. Speaking of personalized service, it pays to get to know your customers on a personal level. As consumers today, we are all too often targeted by brands through online and impersonal avenues, leading to a disconnected audience. Keeping the doors of communication open via telemarketing lets your customers know that you are here for them – a personalized approach for a more engaged and loyal customer base.


Telemarketing is best carried out by experienced teams of professionals, such as those within reputable outsourcing companies. To delve deeper into why telemarketing and outsourcing companies go hand-in-hand, head to Part Two of our blog.