The Help Desk – Outsourcing Companies Can Bring It Home

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Let’s face it. You ARE your customer. That individual determines your success, your sustainability, your profitability….they literally make or break your business and are the single most critical component of your fiscal existence.


So let’s take it a step further, and ask yourself if you’re “future ready”. Today’s savvy consumers are demanding and comparative – meaning online shopping has upped the competitive ante for pricing, quality and service; and 84% of people make purchase decisions based on online reviews. That’s a big piece of the market. So how do you land in the “favorable” top 10% of reviews?


Welcome To The Help Desk

Your customer interactions must be at the forefront of every process you implement. And one of those components is your company’s help desk, which exists strictly to “help” your customer. Let’s look at the job description of a typical help desk agent. They might respond to requests for technical assistance via phone, chat or email; research answers to customer inquiries, diagnose and resolve technical and software issues, log all customer interactions, identify and escalate customer issues requiring urgent upgrades, follow up with customers to ensure their expectations were completely met, track and route various issues, work on training manuals for upgrades of software and hardware, or train computer users. The training, skills, experience and personal attributes that are required by a first class help desk employee are clearly comprehensive and not to be under-rated. That’s where outsourcing companies with a special focus on help desk services can become your business’ best friend and strongest ally.


When considering the high degree of specialized expertise required to man your company’s help desk, a reputable BPO company makes sense – and in the competitive world of call centers, Anexa comes with twenty years of experience, an impeccable track record and an experienced, highly trained pool of experts. Our approach to supporting your business needs is simple – think of us as a strategic partner, not just a business process outsourcing company. When it comes to your help desk (which can often be the first interaction that your customer has with your company), nothing is more critical than that initial communication – which, at the end of the day, is the deciding factor in customer retention and gain. And remember those online reviews we were talking about earlier? If you assume that 84% of your future customers are going to rely on the reviews of people who might be connecting with your help desk – you really can’t afford NOT to invest in this particular area.


Although we’re calling it an investment, from a practical standpoint it can be the most cost-effective decision you make. Locating, hiring, onboarding, training and maintaining a dedicated help desk department is labor intensive, not to mention a never-ending cycle when taking staff turnover into account. Factor in the cost of managing in-house staff of any kind, and partnering with a reliable help desk outsourcing company like Anexa can be the difference between a successful, longstanding brand and one that is short-lived. We are adept at customizing business solutions to your specific needs and pride ourselves on providing bilingual customer support in both English and Spanish. We have built our business on every customer encounter of your business – making each one count.