Texas is a Hub for Call Center Services

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While artificial intelligence inarguably simplifies and automates customer service, a lot can still be said for the “human touch”. Call centers remain more relevant than ever, assisting customers frustrated with too much automation and not enough true customer service experiences. Successful organizations continue to rely on the call center model as a critical support service, recognizing that their customers prefer human interaction.


Well-structured and expertly staffed call centers create an exceptional impression, showing customers how important their ongoing care and satisfaction are to your business. This helps promote the all-important customer loyalty and brand advocacy needed to capture the lion’s share of a very volatile and demanding market. In particular, Texas is one of the places that has become a thriving call center services hub, as more companies seek ways to provide that personal touch.


The Hub of Customer Service


The call center network out of Texas has set the customer service bar high. Whether it’s the warm sense of hospitality provided by call center teams or the bonus of having a large population of bilingual workers available to provide improved customer service, the Texas call center model has become the gold standard for customer care – not only in Texas, but across the U.S. With over 260,000 workers employed as call-center representatives, Texas accounts for about 26% of the top 10 states offering customer service call centers in the U.S. Topped only by Atlanta, Dallas and Houston are dominating the market as the industry continues to thrive.


Home-Based Call Centers


Companies are discovering the distinct advantage of utilizing home-based call centers, thereby improving optics and demonstrating a commitment to exceptional customer experiences. The investment in higher quality call centers is starting to pay off. However, as customer service demands continue to grow, many companies find it challenging to devote their valuable in-house staff to manning a dedicated call center. This has led to a need for affordable, outsourcing (BPO) services within close range of Texas.


Calling All Call Center Professionals


As demand grows for local or near-shore outsourced call centers, affordable, quality solutions have become vital. Mexico City boasts a team of professionals in this specialized field, operating in the same time zone as Texas – offering all the same exceptional skills, experience and benefits of local companies providing call center services. Anexa is a large, award-winning customer-centric company, able to take on the work for businesses looking to outsource these processes.


We have become one of the most trusted BPO companies in the industry. Thanks to our proximity to Texas and our ability to provide affordable solutions, you aren’t forced to sacrifice superior customer service.


Businesses can operate with the confidence that their customers are receiving the best possible care – with Anexa, OUR team is YOUR team. We offer:


  • First call resolution
  • Fulfillment of customer expectations
  • Customization of interactions
  • Presence and consistent processes of form omnichannel
  • Ability to measure Net Promoter Scoring
  • 24/7 availability


We promote customer satisfaction and loyalty with services and technology that support the effortless functionality of your business. Our customer service remains consistent regardless of the channel, so customers always receive the same high-quality results they deserve.


So, if you’re planning to bring your call center back to North America, Anexa is the ideal solution for Texas-based companies. Speak to our team today.