Telemarketing Gives Brands Better Insight Into Target Audiences

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There are many ways in which audience insight can better strengthen ties between brands and consumers. In today’s business climate, understanding your market might very well be the most valuable asset there is. Audience insight is collected through many different outlets. This includes surveys, specialized tools and software which collect data through social and online channels, as well as direct interaction with customers through activities such as telemarketing. The latter is often achieved via outsourcing (BPO) companies.


We know that there are various forms of collecting vital audience data, but how do they differ and what makes each one unique? Why is telemarketing such a useful, multifaceted tool and what makes outsourcing the most widely-used exercise when it comes to handling this very specialized department?


Telemarketing Understood


Telemarketing is an extremely common method for selling and promoting goods and services in order to obtain new clients and retain existing ones. This is accomplished through exceptionally skilled telemarketing agents who are extensively trained to attract vast and varied markets, as well as meet and appeal to their individual needs. Telemarketing has been a popular promotional tactic for decades, and continues to succeed in lead generation – even in today’s digitally charged world of sales.


Why is Telemarketing Commonly Executed Through BPO?


BPO is the process of utilizing third-party contractors to manage and fill specific roles or departments within a company. Because business and maintenance costs are shared across multiple enterprises, BPO proves a financially modest and effective alternative to creating departments in-house. Some responsibilities of BPO companies include data entry, call center services and telemarketing.


Telemarketing via outsourcing companies is more than just cost-effective. This avenue offers much more security in the way of good outcomes and successful customer interactions, as well as lead generation/conversion.


BPO companies scout talented telemarketing agents and remain at the top of their game where this evolving tactic is concerned. This provides the peace of mind that companies need when entrusting such an integral component to third-party contractors. Reputable BPO companies pride themselves on having a flawless track record and high success rate.


Telemarketing and Insight Go Hand-in-Hand


Telemarketing offers more than just selling and promoting goods and services. This practice also exists to pull in important consumer data which allows brands to better understand and sell to their target audience. If enough useful data is collected, brands are able to modify their products or business models to draw more potential or existing customers. An informed company is a profitable company, and there is no better driving force for success than consumer insight. This is one of the many perks of regularly utilizing telemarketing as a tactic for reaching your audience.


Though some might still believe that telemarketing is a dated form of sales and promotion, it maintains its effectiveness to this day. Telemarketing offers a direct line of communication between brands and the markets they’re trying to reach – and BPO companies consistently exceed business goals by making use of it.


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