Telemarketing and The Outsourcing Company

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Telemarketing is a complex beast within the sales and promotion sector. This method has been around for decades, and utilized as a means to reach and attract customers, both potential and existing. While telemarketing is sometimes mistakenly believed to be outdated or no longer a viable marketing tactic, this age-old concept is still highly popular – and highly effective.


Telemarketing and outsourcing go hand-in-hand. That’s because this extremely multifaceted field is a specialty among many outsourcing (BPO) companies, and one that they are constantly honing and focusing in on.


Telemarketing – An Overview


Telemarketing is the process of contacting potential and existing customers within a company via the telephone. Telemarketing agents have what many would consider one of the most difficult jobs in the sales and promotion world. This is because often, telemarketing requires cold-calling and the ability to relate to and interact with a range of different people and personality types.


Some industries that might utilize telemarketing include manufacturing, technology, consumer goods, real estate, and beyond. The vast number of businesses currently taking advantage of telemarketing as a promotional tactic speaks to its value as a mainstream sales tool.


There are several scenarios in which a business might turn to telemarketing, including the launch of a new product or service, the launch of a new company or brand, the promotion of a limited time discount offered by a business, etc.


Why choose telemarketing over other popular and traditional marketing methods? The answer is quite simple:  its versatility with respect to audience and personalization. Billboards, online and print ads can be very rewarding depending on the type of campaign and audience – however, these tactics simply cannot compete with the specific benefits provided through telemarketing.


The targeted and personalized approach of telemarketing is evident in the sheer nature of its process and background. Individual consumers are marketed to – and targeted – based on their particular needs and personas. This is especially effective with the skill of an experienced telemarketing agent. This means someone who is doing far more than just cold-calling customers and reading from a script.


Highly trained and talented agents are masters at reading people and fluent in off-the-cuff exchanges. These interactions are directly influenced by each person they get to know in a very short timeframe. Telemarketing demands creativity, patience, and most importantly, the “gift of the gab”. Agents must have the ability to interchange their own personality depending on who they’re speaking with, as well as to consistently think on their feet. These skills are not naturally possessed by many, and are the reason that a large number of people would find this high-pressure position extremely challenging.


When Talking Telemarketing, an Outsourcing Company Is Always Ideal


BPO (outsourcing) companies offer several areas of expertise, including data entry, customer service support and – our topic of the day – telemarketing. An outsourcing company will always have the most experienced team of telemarketing agents and professionals within the industry.


Many prominent businesses entrust their telemarketing activities exclusively to BPO companies, and there are many reasons that they remain the most appealing and popular choice. For example, an outsourcing company will generally house a large staff and as a result, have the ability to take on sizeable projects. As well, their reputation, technique and success rate in the telemarketing game is unmatched.


If you’re considering telemarketing as an avenue to broadening your customer base as well as reinforcing ties with existing customers, contact Anexa today to learn how we can help.