Outsourcing – Why BPO Companies Are a Vital Component in Any Business Model – Part Two

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BPO is certainly not a new concept. Companies all around the world have been taking advantage of this useful tool for many years. This is because commonly, budget and business needs would be better met via outsourcing than developing an entire full-time staff in-house. This costly and lengthy process includes recruiting, interviewing and hiring employees, training staff to an adequate level – not to mention benefits, healthcare packages plus many more necessary expenses involved with full-time in-house teams. Outsourcing on the other hand allows businesses more freedom in terms of employment timeline, project customization and budget.


A Breakdown of Common Positions Filled via BPO


As mentioned in Part One of our blog, there are numerous responsibilities that BPO companies are familiar with managing.


Customer support is one of the most popular areas when it comes to outsourcing. It also happens to be an area of expertise for many reputable BPO companies. This is because many companies specialize in customer-centric departments, and are aware of the most effective techniques for supporting the customer journey and experience. This is done through call centers, as well as online via social media. Social media in particular is rapidly becoming one of the most widely-used forms of customer-company communication.


Telemarketing is highly involved, requiring the most experienced in the field. This intricate form of marketing involves reaching existing and potential customers over the phone. The goal in telemarketing is to promote special offers, provide tailor-made suggestions based on specific and individual needs, and read customers in a way that allows a greater understanding by the brand. This unique understanding paves the way for more innovative and specialized products and services, creating even more room for profit and customer loyalty – an extremely important role, indeed.


Fortunately, trusted BPO companies are well-versed in all things telemarketing, and therefore have the most talented teams of agents to help your business thrive.


Data entry is sometimes overlooked and seen as a less important component of running a business. However, this specialty demands absolute accuracy and precision, and exists to provide/store vital information on behalf of companies in order to better serve their customers. This is a very full-circle and truly invaluable role, requiring individuals with abilities of a certain caliber. This is by no means, a low-skill position. BPO companies have exceedingly capable data entry personnel on staff to manage this complex department.


Outsourcing – Should I Enlist a Company or Freelancer?


It’s not difficult to spot the advantages of BPO, but does it make more sense to hire an outsourcing company or an individual freelancer?


The fact is, they are similar in many ways. Both types of third-party service providers have undeniable benefits. However, there are some key differences that might sway one in either direction, depending on the circumstances and needs. BPO companies, for example, generally offer far more in the way of security. For many businesses, security is integral to their continued success and reputation as trusted brands, so it’s crucial that there be complete trust and confidence in any third-party teams enlisted for one-off or ongoing projects. It’s difficult to find any freelance contractor that can offer the same standard of care and guarantees in that area.


It’s clear that outsourcing and BPO companies in particular play a profound role in the business world today, and their contribution to industries of all kinds is enormous. To put it plainly, BPO is here to stay.


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