Outsourcing – Why BPO Companies Are a Vital Component in Any Business Model – Part One

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We are living and operating in an incredibly volatile business climate, both politically and structurally. In order to survive, we must be incredibly flexible, resilient and evolve our business model so as to create the most promising plan of attack and guaranteed profitability. Remaining stagnant in such a fast-paced world will undoubtedly decrease the probability of success in the long term. On the contrary, keeping a finger on the pulse where your industry, marketing and consumer-centric areas are concerned, ensures an efficient and effective stronghold on your goals and the longevity of your business – something we should all be striving for.


Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies have been around for decades, providing highly professional teams and effective solutions for businesses in periods of growth, or businesses requiring full-time management of specific areas. The involvement of BPO companies can range significantly depending on the outsourcing needs of the business requiring service.


Why Does BPO Exist?


Business Process Outsourcing or “BPO” refers to companies or individual freelancers who offer third-party support to businesses and brands in various and fundamental departments or areas. This might include customer service and social media customer support, telemarketing or data entry.


BPO has remained one of the most popular business practices throughout the years due to its effectiveness, budgetary advantages and ability to stay current with respect to business tactics, methods and technology. Brands and businesses of all sizes have put their trust in BPO companies to better understand their existing customers, expand customer reach, and ultimately, increase sales and profits.


Without BPO and outsourcing companies, many brands would struggle to maintain basic function, as well as propel their business to new metaphorical heights. BPO companies take over much of the day-to-day labour involved in running a business and are thus an essential aspect of the overall operation.


Budget Friendly Does Not Have to Mean “Lacking in Quality” 


Some who are aware of the fiscal benefits associated with outsourcing might immediately perceive a negative connotation. But there is no reason why you should have to sacrifice either budget or excellence. Credible and trusted BPO companies in particular are more than reliable in all departments and areas they service. Additionally, BPO companies adhere to high standards with regard to their staff and ensure extensive and comprehensive training, providing that additional peace of mind.


Outsourcing companies are an affordable alternative to developing departments in-house due to the nature of the cost structure. By sharing the operational costs across multiple clients, each client’s individual rate is reduced substantially. This means that you are afforded a proficient team to represent your business, without sacrificing your bottom line. This is a huge bonus, regardless of how big or small your company might be. After all, no smart businessperson is going to turn down an opportunity to get the job done well – and at an affordable price.


For a more in-depth look at BPO, the areas which it serves as well as its advantages, continue to Part Two of our blog.