Outsourcing Companies Specialize in Customer Service

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Many businesses are faced with the challenge of low budgets that do not allow for adequate customer service to support growth. However, this is not an area where any business should be cutting costs. Quality customer service requires a competent, responsive team that promotes your brand and keeps customers engaged to encourage customer loyalty. If you’re finding that your customer service activities are suffering, outsourcing companies could be the answer.


Meeting Customer Needs


Customer service allows you to nurture valuable relationships that are vital to your business. It’s not enough to experience one-off sales – customer retention is key if the goal is longevity. Today, the most successful businesses have robust customer service strategies that cover the full spectrum to meet client needs, including:

  • Customer Conversions: Without a full line-up of skilled company representatives ready to take calls, respond to chats and answer questions on social media, it is easy to drop the ball and miss opportunities. Therefore, you must react swiftly and thoughtfully, even before they make a purchase.
  • Customer Retention: Your business can increase profitability by prioritizing existing customers. In fact, stats show that improving customer retention by just 5% can actually expand revenue by 25%. Repeat customers are expected to spend 67% more than new customers.

Considering 73% of customers remain loyal to brands with friendly customer service, your business requires a solid customer service strategy.


Customer Service Blunders Can Damage a Business


It’s easy to see why outsourcing customer service is prudent when you consider the top ways businesses fail in their customer service operations:

  • Over-automation: You might have introduced automation to compensate for an understaffed department, but customers do not want to be stuck dealing with primarily automated systems that make it nearly impossible to reach a real person. Outsourced call centers eliminate this challenge.
  • Reactive versus preventative service: If a shortage of customer service representatives only allows you to react to complaints rather than prevent them, you are likely to begin losing business. A call center ensures you remain proactive and capable of meeting customer needs – ergo – less problems for your employees to solve.
  • Failure to deliver: Regardless of your product or service, if you fail to deliver on your promises, customers are subsequently lost to your competitors. Outsourced customer service agents will be there to make good on your promises so that you can improve your customer retention rate.

As laid out above, all of these issues can be avoided by outsourcing customer service. Reputable BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) companies have remained the gold standard for meeting consumer-centric needs, and for good reason.


BPO companies have large teams with unmatched experience – they are easily equipped to handle the pressures that accompany any customer-facing position. Agents are comprehensively trained and up to date with the most effective customer support tactics and techniques.


At Anexa, we provide first-rate, customized outsourcing solutions for your business – and our greatest area of expertise is client care. Reach out to us today to learn more.