How Telemarketing in Spanish Can Boost Your Business

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Spanish is the second most commonly spoken language in the world behind Mandarin. You might’ve thought it to be English (and at one time it was), but Spanish has been on a greater incline over the past 20 years or so. To put a numerical value on it, at present there are approximately 442 million Spanish speaking people globally, which means a great deal to today’s marketing experts.


In order to fully evaluate and predict a business’ projected success, one must understand the entire range of consumers it is aiming to reach. If a company excludes the Hispanic population from its business model, it will undoubtedly miss a lucrative opportunity to increase profit margins and realize its full potential.


Telemarketing Explained


Telemarketing remains one of the most frequently used tools in connecting with new customers and pitching a product or service. Even with the ever-evolving technological advancements online, telemarketing stands strong as a viable channel to not only promote a business, but collect vital information which can be beneficial to the growth and subsequent success of both small and large businesses – but why?


Telemarketing has proven a trusted method of B2C communication as it maintains the gold standard of human interaction. It is widely recognized that though online ads provide their own benefits, telemarketing manages to secure a tangible connection between company and customer – especially when agents are highly qualified in the field of sales and marketing. If consumers feel understood and catered to, they are more likely to trust the legitimacy of a company, product or service – trust which is not so easily attained through online ads.


What Gives a Potential Customer Confidence in Your Business?


There are several steps in the customer journey. Part of that journey involves leading the customer to a place where they feel completely confident that a product or service will suit their wants and needs. Where telemarketing is concerned, they will always struggle to get to this place if the agent is not fluent in the language they speak.


Telemarketing is a very particular promotion technique which requires skilled agents in order to positively impact a potential customer and build trust. Many times, hired telemarketing agents aren’t well-versed in the most efficient ways to appeal to target consumers and therefore, fail in their attempts to generate leads. This is where hiring a reputable BPO company can prove extremely beneficial. A BPO company is equipped with a full staff of capable agents who are rigorously trained to correctly and effectively communicate with potential customers and meet their needs.


Not Every BPO Company Is the Same


It might be easy to assume that every outsourcing company offers the same services and advantages, but this is not necessarily the case – especially in terms of language skills. It has been established that a company will lose out on many business opportunities and thus, income generation, if they do not make a conscious effort to be linguistically inclusive. If you do opt for BPO in your telemarketing communications, you might want to consider investing in a company with a team of multilingual agents – particularly in the US, where Spanish is recognized as a huge part of what makes America the country it is today.


According to a New York Times article, “Data obtained from the US Census Office suggests that the US will have an estimated 138 million Spanish speakers by 2050 — which would make it the biggest Spanish-speaking nation on Earth.” With that in mind, there could be nothing more important than taking a more diverse approach and shifting your business model to make way for new customers.


At Anexa, our telemarketing agents are fluent in both Spanish and English and extensively trained to successfully foster lasting relationships with new clients. Contact us today to boost your business.