How Small Businesses Can Benefit From Outsourcing Help Desks to BPO Companies

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With three new startups launching globally every second, the small business sector is a rapidly growing force and a vital part of our economy.


Despite advances in communication methods (i.e. online instant message) between consumer and company, recent research shows that 71% of people still prefer talking to someone via the phone – highlighting the importance of help desks as a key ingredient in your customer support strategy.


Why Should You Outsource Your Help Desk?


Providing a positive customer experience is one of the most important aspects of running a business. Many consumers will return to, or remain with, a company that has delivered exceptional customer service and subsequently share their experience with friends and family. Word of mouth feedback can make or break a company, no matter its size.


Developing an in-house help desk is no easy feat – which is where outsourcing becomes extremely useful. Employing a third-party company to manage this essential service can offer substantial, long-term benefits.


Let’s take a look at some of the most impactful ways outsourcing can benefit your business, particularly where help desks are concerned:


Saves Time and Money


It takes a considerable amount of time and funds for a small business to hire and train each new staff member. This is especially true when setting up a department to manage a help desk, as these agents must be privy to all the inner workings of your business so that they can properly answer any questions callers might have. By outsourcing to a team of call center support experts, small business owners eliminate the need for employee training, micromanaging and expensive technology/software.


Access to Highly-Skilled Professionals


Many business process outsourcing (BPO) companies like Anexa have dedicated customer support personnel. These individuals have been comprehensively trained to provide world-class service, giving your business a competitive edge.


With any product or service, the goal is always to build trust and respect with valuable customers – this is achieved through answering queries quickly and professionally, and successfully assisting with troubleshooting. Our agents have a wide range of knowledge and skill across various industries, so you can rest assured they will be able to effectively and efficiently offer support to all your clients, should they require it.


Increase Customer Retention


Research shows that it is equally as important to retain customers as it is to actively pursue new ones – many would argue that customer retention is even more important.


For example, according to Harvard Business Review, it’s 5-25X more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to retain an existing customer. Additionally, when a company improved customer retention by 5%, profits rose by up to 95%.


By outsourcing your help desk operations to a reputable BPO company, you can be confident that your customer relationships will remain strong.


Focus Your Time and Resources on Your Core Business


As a small business owner, you are probably aware that core business tasks take up a significant portion of your time. Outsourcing your help desk allows you to focus on other integral parts of running your business, all while demonstrating pristine customer support.


If you’re considering a BPO company for your help desk activities, contact Anexa to learn more about all the possibilities outsourcing can offer.