Here To Stay; The Rise Of Customer Service Outsourcing Companies

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Customer service outsourcing companies have grown dramatically in popularity, and their increase is unlikely to slow down any time soon. There are a lot of factors involved in their powerful rise, but among the top reasons are their ability to deliver a better customer experience across more channels, their ability to increase first contact resolution (FCR) rates and customer retention significantly, and the fact that they can do all of this on a far more cost-effective basis than in-house customer service.


Companies Are Losing Increasingly More Money Due To Poor Customer Service

NewVoiceMedia conducted customer service studies in 2016 and 2018, and the change in certain areas between the two is telling. The 2018 study shows that U.S. companies are losing $75 billion a year because of bad customer experiences, as compared to $62 billion in 2016. The number of respondents who reported leaving a business due to unsatisfactory experiences increased by 37% from 2016 to 2018.


The Top Reasons Respondents Left A Company They Were Doing Business With Are:

Feeling unappreciated 40%

  • Not being able to reach a person 33%
  • Being passed from one agent to another/having to repeat themselves 30%
  • Being kept on hold for too long 28%

An additional 17% of respondents said they had so little expectation of getting help from customer service that they switched companies without even trying to contact customer service.


The Power Of Effective Customer Service

On the other hand, customers in the survey said that if they had a positive experience and good service, 66% would be more loyal to the business that provided that experience; 65% said they’d recommend the business to others; 48% said they’d spend more money with that company; and 39% said they’d do business with that company more often.

In a separate study, 80% of customers who switched from one business to a competitor said that the first company could have retained their business if only they’d been able to resolve the customer’s issue on their first contact.


Customer Service Outsourcing Companies Can Help

 For many businesses, maintaining an effective presence on a variety of social media platforms, while keeping up with live chat, email, and phone calls from customers is simply not viable, and trying to do it all without soaking up the resources needed to keep your core business on track creates a negative experience for your customers and employees. Customer service outsourcing companies hire and train large numbers of qualified agents, and you take advantage of an economy of scale by hiring as much of their time as you need, without having to keep all those employees on your own payroll. When you contract with Anexa BPO for customer service, you’ll get some additional advantages, as well. Our agents are fluent in English and Spanish, so your customers can do business in whichever language they find more comfortable. Plus, U.S. companies find our services affordable and our customer experience excellent value. Call or contact us online to learn more about Anexa BPO can help your company improve your customer experience and retention while running leaner and cutting costs.