Foolproof Customer Service: Why Outsourcing Companies Are King – Part 2

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In part 1 of our blog, we talked about the purpose customer service serves, as well as why it is such an integral part of any business – but where does BPO come into play, and why is this such a favourable option among CEOs?


BPO companies are growing rapidly in popularity each and every day. Outsourcing is a highly economical and practical option for companies of all sizes – there are many reasons why CEOs have turned this smart business practice into the gold standard for operating a product or service-based company.


What Is Business Process Outsourcing?


BPO covers many functions of a business depending on its needs. If a company is expanding, it would be sensible for the owner to outsource certain positions, or even entire departments to a BPO company. This is because you have the ability to take on more clients and cover more area when there is a higher number of employees on staff. With a reputable outsourcing company, that part is already taken care of, so there’s no need to source/recruit/train new employees – a time-consuming and expensive process. As well, BPO companies already have the equipment and software needed for various departments within a corporation. Some examples of departments a BPO company would manage include data entry, customer support and telemarketing.


For an in-depth breakdown of BPO, please refer to our blog on this topic.


In terms of practicality, you might think that it makes more sense to hire and train a customer service team in-house. After all, there are undeniable benefits to going this route. For example, you have the advantage of offering ongoing face-to-face support to your team as well as the ability to personally oversee its functionality and determine where improvements can be made. However, sometimes micromanaging ends up costing more time than you can afford in order to maintain and grow your business. Logistically speaking, it might actually make more sense to outsource this department to a company you can trust.


Respectable BPO companies have the experience and qualified personnel necessary to undertake such a responsibility. You can rest assured training is comprehensive and thorough, effectively eliminating the need for micromanaging. Additionally, with a near-shore BPO company, you are often operating on a similar or the same time zone. This means that any general inquiries or time-sensitive information will be quickly received. The near-shore outsourcing route is very appealing to business owners who don’t have the time or budget to hire in-house, but require open and ongoing communication to ensure their team is up-to-date on all company/product information and protocols. For more on near-shore outsourcing, please see our blog on this topic.


In part 1 of this blog, we discussed how customer support agents must not only have a keen understanding of the company they’re speaking on behalf of, but an effective approach when handling customer dissatisfaction to successfully arrive at a resolution. This requires a wealth of experience in the field, as well as a special ability to restore faith in unhappy customers – no easy feat.


At Anexa, we have a team of highly capable and experienced agents who are proficient in customer retention and satisfaction – you can be confident we will deliver the best results so that your business can thrive. Contact us to learn more.