Florida Runs on Telemarketing Companies

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It seems that many businesses have turned to digital marketing for their sales strategies. However, the power of telemarketing can’t be overlooked. It is still an effective channel to access potential customers and promote products and services. It remains a popular method that allows you to make meaningful connections with both current customers and prospects. In fact, 40% of marketers find it the best vehicle for generating quality leads. As telemarketing begins to make a recovery, Florida has fast become a major hot spot for outsourced telemarketing companies. With more business process outsourcing (BPO) services showing up in Florida, it has become the telemarketing capital. 


Telemarketing Still Effective


Telemarketing places your products and services up-front and center. both for your existing customers, and your prospective ones. Nothing brings you closer to your customers than a one-on-one conversation with a seasoned telemarketer who has in-depth knowledge of your products and services, as well as why your customers need them. From the driver’s seat, telemarketers can also acquire critical information directly from the customer, so you can gather important insights into how your marketing approach and methods are working. With exceptional representatives interacting with your consumers, a truly positive customer service experience is achieved, promoting loyalty and satisfaction. 


Numbers Show Telemarketing Holding Its Own


According to the Rain Group, a prominent salesforce training company, 69% of all buyers have accepted a cold call in the past year. As well, calling existing customers is the #1 most effective prospecting tactic. Even in today’s world of call display where it’s easy to reject phone calls on the spot, 82% of buyers say that they will accept telephone calls from sellers who reach out to them. In fact, if you can tailor your calls to meet the specific needs of a prospect and help resolve issues, 62% of buyers appreciate your effort and want to hear from you.


Understanding Florida’s Market


Florida offers many pro-business benefits including strong state tax policies that provide a competitive cost of doing business and a streamlined regulatory environment, helping the telemarketing industry to thrive. Increased demand for resources is making outsourcing (BPO) in Florida one of the most commonly used business practices. This is because BPO companies feature sales department support so that businesses can focus on their core activities. The outsourced telemarketers, meanwhile, help carry the torch that leads to more conversions and customer growth.


Improving Customer Outreach


Florida’s customer outreach is consistently carried out using telemarketing companies as they are results-oriented. This overcomes the challenge of costly searches to find top-performing sales professionals. BPO services guarantee that a team of experienced telemarketing professionals are at your fingertips. The costs associated with hiring an outsourcing team are easily offset by the major expenses you would incur to source, train and maintain your own sales team. Turnover in salesforce professionals tends to be high, with churn rates averaging just 1.5 years. That’s a lot of turnover, which ultimately impacts hiring and training efforts – along with your bottom line. 


It can be daunting to identify skilled, reputable and cost-effective telemarketing companies in Florida: enter Anexa. Our exceptionally trained team of telemarketing experts have the skills and integrity needed to perform the most sensitive telemarketing tasks. Factor in that we are more affordable than most Florida-based companies as we are located in nearby Mexico City – it’s a win-win.


As a result, you benefit from the skills of an experienced, award-winning team offering the same advantages of a Florida BPO company, except with improved accessibility and fees.


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