Exactly What Do BPO Outsourcing Companies Do?

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BPO stands for business process outsourcing. BPO outsourcing companies work with client companies of all sizes to provide services that fall outside the client’s core business, like marketing and social media. They also provide services like bi-lingual customer support that might not be feasible for the client to offer with in-house staff. It’s a smart way for companies to offer a complete customer experience while saving money.


Sales & Marketing


Sales and marketing are time-consuming yet critical areas for any business. For many companies, though, it doesn’t make financial sense to hire in-house employees to do this work because the cost of hiring and maintaining employees is so high. By working with BPO outsourcing companies, these businesses get the benefit of trained professionals planning and managing their campaigns without the expense of hiring them in-house.


Customer Support


Another area where companies struggle to provide an excellent customer experience is in customer support. Today’s customers expect 24/7 support through a wide variety of channels, including social media, and they expect to be able to reach someone who speaks their language. After English, the largest language segment for U.S. businesses is Spanish. BPO Outsourcing companies who offer bi-lingual English and Spanish customer support deliver a considerable advantage to the client companies by meeting the customers’ expectations and needs on their first attempt to contact the company.


Customer Retention Services


Following up with customers on issues like satisfaction surveys and feedback reporting help generate loyalty and improve retention from the very beginning of the relationship. Continuing to keep in touch with retention and renewal campaigns builds rapport, loyalty, and referrals, which help a business grow and lowers the cost of acquiring new customers. BPO outsourcing companies put these important services in reach of start-ups and small businesses, in addition to larger companies.


Collections Services 


Collections can be a costly process, and many smaller businesses are not able to effectively pursue customers who owe them money. BPO outsourcing companies have collectors who are trained to follow legal and client policies to contact debtors and resolve the debt in a professional, personalized way.


Anexa Is A Top Choice Among BPO Outsourcing Companies


In addition to the full range of services our trained professionals deliver for our clients, we can offer our services at significantly lower rates than many competitors. Call or contact us online to learn more about how Anexa BPO can help your company deliver the best customer experience possible.