Data Entry Outsourcing Companies – The Backbone of Your Business

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Data entry is one of the most popular services available within an outsourcing company. This is because BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) companies are well-equipped to manage this department. Between highly trained data entry clerks and a reputation for having the most up-to-date technologies at their fingertips, BPO companies fit perfectly into any business model.


What Is Data Entry?


Data entry is the process of adding, arranging, editing and storing valuable company data into a system, and organizing this information accordingly. This kind of record keeping is the heartbeat of any business, and the more accurately and efficiently it is maintained, the smoother the day-to-day operations run as a whole. Many successful businesses enlist professional outsourcing companies to oversee and manage this vital component. This is because hiring freelance contractors can be a gamble, and may introduce additional margin for error in this scenario – literally.


BPO Companies Versus Freelance – Which Offers a More Reliable Outcome?


BPO Companies provide more than just accountability and certification. They must have an extensively trained staff and a system that simply cannot fail.


If hiring freelance contractors for work that tends to be demanding and incredibly detail-oriented, you have to be willing to accept the risk involved. This means you’re at the mercy of these contractors’ schedule, their health, their skillset and their work ethic. You have introduced many new variables that can have a potentially negative effect on your business. You have very little control over their output and subsequent results.


Not only do you lose the element of security in a hypothetical sense, you also lose it in a very literal sense. Freelance contractors often do not have the capabilities to provide security where handling important and confidential information is concerned. This is, however, one of the guarantees you are afforded with a BPO company – security is a huge part of their business model and ensuring that all private data is kept safe remains of the utmost importance. If you consider how much is at stake when it comes to security alone, the idea of not choosing a reliable company for data entry seems like a poor business decision.


Freelance Offers No Guarantee Where Skill Level Is Concerned


When going the freelance route, you are always going to be lacking the assurances that are offered by a BPO company. Although it would be nice to assume that you can trust the person you’ve hired to execute the job without error, this is not always the case. Freelance contractors do not always have the experience or skillset of those working within a BPO company. They might be individuals with very little familiarity of data entry, or they might lack in precision and attention to detail – skills that are an absolute must in this exacting sector.


There are undoubtedly some positives to entrusting data entry activities to a freelance worker. For example, the ability to hire on a case-by-case basis. The freedom and flexibility of freelance is appealing for one-off tasks or projects. However, if you require more extensive and ongoing assistance in this area, hiring freelance could trigger the ‘law of diminishing returns’.


Flexibility goes both ways – and if you expect that your freelance contractor will always be able to meet your timelines or workload requirements, you’re expecting too much.


BPO companies have experienced data entry personnel who are practiced in the field – and competency is guaranteed. You might also be surprised to discover that BPO companies offer a lot more flexibility and ease than you previously thought.


Leave your business’ important data in the hands of a company you can trust. Connect with us to learn more about our data entry services.