Customer Service: A Deep Dive Into What It Is, and Why Outsourcing Is the Answer – Part Two

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In Part One, we discussed the concept of customer service, what it is and how it can completely make or break a business – any business. Reports show that a high percentage of consumers will spend more to engage with a company that provides exceptional customer service. It wins every time. We also looked at how difficult it can be to find great candidates to man your support teams. When you really take into account the ideal attributes of the perfect customer service representative, as well as the role they play in your business’ success, you won’t be asking why you would outsource this department – you’ll be asking why you wouldn’t.


In the world of customer service and outsourcing companies, Anexa stands out as an industry pioneer. This is because we have identified customer support as the cornerstone of every buying experience. We have made it our mission to assemble customer service teams that are able to truly represent your company in the best and most authentic ways possible.


What Do We Look For?


At Anexa, we focus on specific qualities when building our customer service teams. Through comprehensive analysis we have learned that the best customer service professionals have certain traits in common. Let’s take a look….


Patience is not just a virtue – it’s a fundamental component of a great customer service rep. Agents are frequently assisting buyers with questions, frustrations or problems that must be remedied. Being attentive, knowledgeable and sensitive to this potentially fragile dynamic goes a long way in driving customer satisfaction. Emotional intelligence is another valuable quality that the best customer service reps bring to the table. That special ability to intuit what response will best serve the customer and deliver solutions with empathy will make for a positive customer experience. It goes without saying that members of your dream support team must be excellent problem solvers. They can seamlessly adapt their exchange to the issue at hand – leaving the customer feeling truly taken care of. And let’s talk about that “X” factor…the customer service pro who can’t help but inject warmth and personality while finding common ground in the process, resulting in a memorable exchange that has your customers literally marketing on your behalf.


Customer service outsourcing companies like Anexa bring a high level of skill and experience to the important process of assembling outstanding support teams. When assessing the value that this specialized department brings to your business, you really can’t afford not to consider outsourcing.


Anexa – your customer service buck stops here.