Communication from Anexa Telecommunications regarding actions taken to minimize impact from Covid-19 pandemic

To our community,


The circumstances we are currently facing represent a series of both personal and professional challenges for us all. The Covid-19 outbreak has impacted the lives of thousands of people around the world, and at Anexa our thoughts are with all those so far affected by the virus.


Our number one priority is to make sure that our employees and their families are safe, and in order to accomplish that, we have reviewed several models of service that are up to the challenges we are facing as well as the expectations of our customers in the private and public sector.


We are well aware that the information available changes every day, which is why we are prepared to update our strategies as new information comes out, always putting the safety of our employees first and maintaining the highest standards of service our clients have come to know and rely on us to observe.


Below are listed some of the actions we have already taken, as well as future plans for subsequent phases of the pandemic created by Covid-19. All these measures take into account the physical safety of our employees and the protection of their jobs to the best of our ability, and our actions to keep business going as usual during this time:



All these measures have been implemented in all our sites and offices from early March:

  • We have distributed on all our social media platforms reliable and official information from local governments and the World Health Organization related to the virus that can be of use to our employees in order to avoid becoming ill.
  • We have restricted travel between sites and our offices, and we have cancelled all customer and prospect visits to our premises.
  • We are asking each and every employee that, in case they are feeling unwell, they leave the premises and go straight to a medical facility to determine if their symptoms match Covid-19.
  • We are asking each and every employee to wash their hands before starting their shifts, regardless of whether they work in our headquarters or in our contact centers, and to avoid close contact.
  • All employees who are able to transition to work from home have done so officially since Monday, March 23, and we are currently evaluating and implementing the necessary technology to extend this measure to our contact centers as far as it is possible.



The Mexican government officially declared the start of phase 2 on March 24, which led to the immediate implementation of additional measures in our contact centers:

  • Hand washing is mandatory when entering the premises
  • The use of face masks is mandatory
  • We have made antibacterial sanitizing gels and cleaning wipes available in all premises to continuously sanitize hands and equipment
  • Common areas, such as cafeterias, are closed until further notice
  • Each site is implementing its own measures according to local regulation and the site’s unique needs
  • We are extending the reach of our internal counselling hotline to include psychological support for all employees, and we are also implementing wellness and mental health initiatives for all employees at all levels.



When phase 3 is declared, all businesses deemed non-essential will be required to shut down on a basis determined by local regulations, which is why we are negotiating with all our customers’ alternatives to keep the services going from our employees’ homes.


Right now, it is up to each and every one of us to protect ourselves and avoid propagating the virus with simple measures such as washing our hands constantly and observing social distancing. We will continue to monitor this situation and we will communicate any and all important updates.


On behalf of the team at Anexa BPO, we wish that you and your family are safe and healthy.



Anexa BPO