Call Center Outsourcing Services Build Better Connected Customers

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Connected customers are empowered customers, and empowered customers tend to have stronger relations with, and loyalty to, the companies they connect with. Call center outsourcing services offer many ways for businesses to offer more ways for their customers to stay connected and to actively reach out to those customers in positive, meaningful ways.

Customers expect the companies they do business with to have multiple places, or channels, to connect with them. These might include a website, social media, mobile apps, email, text messaging, live chat, and telephone, among others. This is called multichannel or omnichannel presence and it’s used for multichannel marketing. Building and maintaining these channels can be time-consuming, and using them effectively takes a specialized skill set that many companies don’t have in-house. That’s where call center outsourcing services shine. You gain the benefit of those specialized skills without taking on more employees or paying high consultant rates.


Off To A Strong Start

Building positive and lasting relationships with customers starts right away, and you can get off to a strong start by using call center outsourcing services like welcome contacts that provide a little additional information about their purchases, verify customer data, ask for feedback about the purchase experience, and ask whether they have any questions or need any help using the product or service they purchased. This is also a good opportunity to connect customers with additional channels and learn more about their preferred channels.


Building Stronger Ties

As time passes, you can build stronger ties with your customers through social media engagement, informational emails, upselling or cross-selling communications, announcements of product launches and awareness campaigns, and reminders for service renewals or product re-ordering. Each contact delivered in a way the customer finds acceptable is a reminder of your brand and the product they’re hopefully enjoying or benefitting from, and it’s another thread woven into what will eventually become a durable relationship.


Achieving Loyalty & Ambassadorship

The most successful multichannel contact programs build customers who are not only loyal to your products and brand, but will advocate for them with their own contacts in person, professionally, or on social media. In essence, you’ve created a customer who is so loyal, he’s willing to do marketing for your brand on his own. Ambassadors often come from deep engagement on social media, though in a multichannel environment, there are many ways to win customers over to this degree. Maintaining a reliable presence and consistent voice across all of your channels is another area where many businesses gain a significant advantage by using call center outsourcing services.


Connected Customers Come From Consistent Effort 

Whatever channels your company chooses to connect with customers, the key to using them successfully is to provide a reliable presence (checking in on Twitter once a week is not going to work!) and a consistent message and tone. If your company could use help in keeping up with these skilled tasks to build more connected and loyal customers, Anexa is here to help!  We offer affordable, custom packages for call center outsourcing services. Our trained and experienced agents are fluent in Spanish and English, and they’re prepared to give your customers the same professional support they’d get if they spoke to one of your own employees. Contact us online to start a conversation about how Anexa can help your business achieve bigger goals by building better customer connections.