California: Sun, Sand and Wait – Telemarketing Companies?

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It stands to reason – the first thing that comes to mind when thinking “California” might be Hollywood, sunshine, beaches….but not telemarketing companies. Not really something in the California wheelhouse, right? Wrong.


Telemarketing – commonly known as “outbound dialing” in the industry – can be one of the most effective sales recruiting techniques on the market. Particularly in California. From a geographical and demographic standpoint, California sales practices lend themselves neatly to telemarketing as a form of successful marketing. The state of California has stringent telemarketing laws in place, ensuring that only the most legitimate and professional businesses are able to market this way. Telemarketing companies in California can especially dominate if they’re able to cater to the state’s highly bilingual demographic.


The important thing to understand about telemarketing is how much of an art is really is. First of all, a successful telemarketer needs to have a broad knowledge base of the products and services they are promoting. They have the ability to attract a customer’s interest in the first ten to fifteen seconds of the phone call by engaging the customer in friendly conversation with the goal of building trust. This might involve a polite inquiry into the person’s frame of mind, or their day. A skilled telemarketer will avoid the sales pitch until the potential customer is engaged and feeling positive about the marketer’s intentions.


At the end of the day, that telemarketer will be able to smoothly qualify the contacted individual as a prospect without causing them to withdraw. They always remember that the prospect may be thinking “I don’t want/need this” – and their job is to reverse that thinking.


The very best telemarketers will also be proficient in dealing with a wide range of personalities and attitudes – and adjust their approach accordingly. They can work well under time constraints, handle pressure, think on their feet and ultimately have the ability to communicate exceptionally well.


When it comes to telemarketing in California, look no further than Anexa – and for good reason. With cutting edge operation centers in major cities in Mexico, we are located only a couple of hours from many large, urban hubs in California. Now factor in that one of Anexa BPO’s primary strengths is the ability to implement dynamic bilingual campaigns (due to our affinity with the Hispanic market), and you have effective outreach.


Telemarketing – Not What It Used To Be

We have built a thriving BPO company on our commitment to consumer-centric services. We fulfil that commitment by maintaining a pool of highly trained and skilled team members. Our people are your people – they understand the importance of professionalism and bring that standard to every single service they provide. Particularly telemarketing. Although the telemarketing name has suffered a bit historically, Anexa’s agents are committed to reversing that view – one outbound dial at a time. Our team of professionals pride themselves on their ability to establish connections with potential prospects – in English or Spanish – and accordingly build brand awareness on your behalf. Whether it’s a loyalty campaign, a renewal and retention campaign, a satisfaction survey, an upselling/cross-selling campaign or simply promotion and sale of your products and services, we’ve got your business covered and can deliver next-level telemarketing services – in California or across the country. There’s no market that Anexa can’t reach – and conquer. Contact us to get started.