BPO Outsourcing Companies Improve Multichannel Experience

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In today’s market, it’s more important than ever before for companies to have a firm understanding of what their customers expect, and the consequences for not delivering it. More than 50 percent of customers prefer to connect with companies using non-traditional channels like live chat, and that number will continue to grow as Baby Boomers shrink as a driving force in the market and Millennials grow into their buying power. It’s a constant struggle for many companies to maintain focus on their core business while providing a multichannel experience that satisfies the greatest number of customers immediately. BPO Outsourcing companies help companies cover those critical bases.


Improved First Contact Resolution

More than 80 percent of consumers who switched vendors because of an unresolved issue said that their original vendor could have kept their business if their issue had been resolved with their first contact. Yet, most US companies have a first contact resolution (FCR) rate lower than 72 percent. BPO outsourcing companies can help improve your company’s FCR rate significantly by providing customers across a variety of channels with professional treatment and a sense of empowerment by meeting their expectations and solving issues on demand.


Language And Culture Matter

For many US businesses, Spanish-speaking customers are a significant and growing segment of the market. Providing those customers with fully fluent agents who understand their culture and mindset, in addition to their language, offers a significant advantage. When your company contracts with BPO outsourcing companies for services like a call center and live chat, it’s important to find a BPO that can deliver services that blend seamlessly with your company’s image and values, and is able to meet each customer on familiar ground.


Critical Choice Among BPO Outsourcing Companies

If yours is one of the many companies currently deciding how to implement BPO services to improve your conversion rates, customer retention, and bottom line, you already know you’re faced with a critical choice. Anexa delivers professionalism and experience to build stronger customer relations for your company. Our call center agents are bilingual and can support both English and Spanish-speaking customer with equal skill. Please contact us online to learn more about how you can lower your customer acquisition costs and strengthen your relationship with existing customers.