BPO – Outsourcing Companies Improve Efficiency, Increase Profits – Part One

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As a business owner, you must work incredibly hard to achieve a certain level of success and profitability. This is no easy feat, and requires the utmost care and knowledge when it comes to industry evolution and growth so that you can remain on top.


Although there are many different ways that you can ensure the smooth and productive running of your business, BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) is a great way to fill in some of the areas where you may not be able to focus all of your valuable attention.


Companies all around the world have turned to and relied upon BPO to fulfill certain departments or areas that are lacking in their business. Simply put, outsourcing maintains its status as one of the most popular business practices of our time. And the reason remains – its effectiveness and efficiency are unrivalled, particularly when talking about dedicated and reputable BPO companies.


What Tasks Do BPO Companies Perform?


BPO may refer to number of different departments within a company. Data entry, telemarketing, customer support and social media may be partially or exclusively operated by BPO companies. Outsourcing these departments is wise for a multitude of reasons. It allows business to focus primarily on the areas which require undivided attention and care – the departments that BPO companies can NOT assist in, such as product and technology development.


Data Entry


Data entry involves inputting and/or storing vital information into a system, or updating such information on behalf of a company. This may consist of alphabetic, numeric or symbolic information. The primary role of a data entry clerk is to verify and edit this information as needed. Because data entry requires a high level of accuracy and precision, it is essential that employees be well-trained and competent. BPO companies are trusted with this job due to their skilled teams of professionals who are experienced in the field of data entry.


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Telemarketing is a department which involves myriad skills and customer-based expertise. This challenging role requires an agent to call potential and existing customers with regard to product and service updates and offers. Their main goal is lead generation and sales – making telemarketing one of the most complex positions out there.


No formula exists that works 100% of the time where customers and sales are concerned. People are different – everyone has individual needs and unique ways in which they are best sold to. There is no hard and fast rule for lead conversion – in order to create the perfect setting for a conversion to take place, one must have an exceptional understanding of who they’re marketing to. This is where having experienced telemarketers can be extremely beneficial.


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Now that we have discussed the basics of both data entry and telemarketing, we will delve into customer support as well as social media management and its role in the customer service game – in part two of our blog.