BPO Outsourcing Companies Help Businesses Step Up Their Game

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In today’s marketplace, almost every business is feeling the pressure to provide customers with more channels of communication and more language support for customer service than ever before. Keeping up with those demands can be costly, and it can pull you off of the primary focus of your business. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies help companies effectively communicate with their customers across all the channels they expect access to and provide fluent customer support in Spanish and English. Your customers get the most expedient contact and resolution possible, while you focus on your core business.


Efficiency And Economy Of Scale

BPO outsourcing companies hire and train call center representatives who are able to give your customers an experience as satisfying and positive as if they’d called you directly. Because the BPO outsourcing companies are geared to handle a high volume of customer contacts through a wide array of channels like email, live chat, and social media, their employees are hyper-focused on a business area that most businesses find a resource drain. When you contract with a BPO, you’re paying for a portion of the training and other costs of those employees, without the added burden of employing them yourself. By essentially sharing these skilled employees with other companies, your company benefits from leaner costs while reaping greater benefits than you’d likely get from an in-house team.


Speaking Your Customer’s Language

It might sound like a no-brainer, yet many companies are still not comprehending the extreme importance of solving your customers’ issues on their first contact, and that definitely includes providing customer service in their primary language. Hispanic people are the largest ethnic buying group in the U.S. today about 1 in 6 Americans, spending about $1.5 trillion annually. Mexican Americans account for a little more than 57% of that market. In a separate study, more than half of the of people of South American and Spanish descent who identified themselves as Spanish-language-dominant indicated that they felt businesses who advertise in Spanish respect their heritage, want their business, and deserve their loyalty. Providing a way for your customers to immediately reach a customer service representative who is fluent in Spanish or English increases your company’s chance of retaining those customers and earning repeat and referral business from them in the future.


Anexa Is Recognized For Excellence Among BPO Outsourcing Companies 

 The locations of our call centers allow us to provide affordable customer service and other BPO services, thanks to lower labour costs and favourable exchange rates. Our representatives are fluent in English and Spanish and rigorously trained in US business practices and culture, information security, and process standards like ISO 27000 and ISO 9000. In fact, we’ve been recognized with the Mexican Institute of Teleservices (IMT) Best Omni-Channel Initiative award in 2019, and the Liderazgo Empresarial México 2019 award for IT excellence. Call or contact us online to learn more about how Anexa BPO can help your business step up its game through better and more cost-effective customer service.