Why Telemarketing Remains Effective in the Age of Digital Advancement

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Over the years, online has become the king of sales and promotion. Its vast reach and ability to consistently adapt and improve based on changing behaviours is hard to rival. As humans, we are evolving alongside our technological counterparts at a rapid pace, always finding new ways to consume information. So why is it that telemarketing never seems to lose its place in the world of sales and promotion – and why do companies favour outsourcing when it comes to this common business practice?


The answer is multifaceted, as there are many reasons why telemarketing – and outsourcing in particular – are as popular as ever – but in short, it simply still manages to excel as a marketing tactic. Today we’ll delve deeper into the many ways in which telemarketing can serve to further your business and customer base, as well as some of the biggest reasons to consider a BPO (business process outsourcing) company.


What Is Telemarketing? 


Telemarketing is the telecommunications sector of marketing and promotion. It acts as a bridge between companies and their potential as well as existing customers. What sets telemarketing apart from other methods of accessing consumers is that agents are in direct communication with their target customers. In a world where we are constantly interacting through a computer screen, people crave that human connection. Telemarketing offers a greater opportunity to capture consumers’ full attention and get to know each customer’s specific needs and desires with regard to products and services. Additionally, when reaching out to a high volume of people, there is an influx of valuable information that a company can collect and reference when finding new ways to better serve its customers. This helps to encourage growth and generate upgrades to its business model, as well as its products/services.


What Makes Telemarketers Successful in Landing New Clients?


For a telemarketing agent to be successful, they must be highly experienced in the field. This isn’t a low-skill job – some would argue that it even demands an element of psychological insight to fully understand, find common ground with and ultimately, market to, the target customer. It requires an aptitude for reading people and molding into the perfect agent for each individual customer – but appealing to everyone is no easy task.


Telemarketers must also be well-versed in the most effective sales strategies, as well as willing to shift and adapt their approach based on changing markets. Agents must be highly knowledgeable with respect to the product they’re promoting, and have the ability to easily anticipate and answer all customer queries. This allows customers to develop trust with the company.


Why Outsourcing?


Some might ask why outsourcing is the best avenue to achieve effective and efficient marketing.


Business process outsourcing is economically beneficial. It also has a very high success rate – this is because agents at a BPO company are exceedingly experienced and skilled in the field of telemarketing, and require no micromanaging – something that is extremely appealing to any company wishing to cut costs while maintaining the best standard of operation.


At Anexa, our telemarketing representatives are more than capable, and proficient in all sales and promotion tactics. Get in touch with us today to discover all the ways telemarketing can elevate and accelerate your business.