Why Many Florida-Based Companies are Outsourcing Telemarketing

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Florida is a business hub in the United States. CNBC has listed Florida as one of the top states to do business in, thanks to its cost of living, practical infrastructure, solid economy and access to capital – among plenty of other prominent stats. This is why many companies of all structures, including B2B and B2C, require business process outsourcing (BPO) – and more specifically, telemarketing services.


In terms of marketing tactics, there are many effective ways to promote goods and services. Online offers various methods of targeting specific groups to encourage conversions. On the other hand, telemarketing offers its own list of benefits to having direct and personal access to clients, which help to boost sales.


What is Telemarketing?


Telemarketing is the process of accessing potential customers via the telephone, to promote specific products and services which would be advantageous for both parties. Telemarketing has existed since the 80s and is one of the few early marketing tactics to remain in use within the industry. This is because it is still highly effective, even in the age of evolving and advancing technologies. Marketing is constantly moving forward – it is an industry of high turnover. However, telemarketing stands firm.


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Florida’s Market


As mentioned earlier, the business (and literal) climate in Florida is ideal for most working professionals and business owners. The sunshine state steadily ranks among the best in the US for operating a business. This is in part owed to its pro-business state tax policies, competitive cost of doing business and streamlined regulatory environment. The market is far from slowing down, increasing the demand for business process outsourcing.


BPO in Florida


BPO is one of the most commonly used business practices across a range of industries – from finance, to tech, to healthcare. BPO is utilized by companies of all sizes, making it a valuable business in its own right.


BPO is the process of outsourcing third-party contractors to carry out specific roles or departments within a business. Such departments include data entry, call center/help desk communications and telemarketing.


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BPO is a popular method of conducting and streamlining business in Florida. There are many positives to outsourcing, including its cost-effectiveness and high success rate. However, when talking about a Florida-based business, it’s important to choose the right BPO company.


Off-Shore vs Near-Shore


Most Florida-based businesses require a near-shore BPO company as opposed to an off-shore company. This is because, in terms of practicality, it makes more sense for all departments to be operating on similar time zones. When it comes to telemarketing in particular, a similar time zone structure is critical…and far less achievable with off-shore outsourcing companies.


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Telemarketing is an effective way to accelerate a business’s growth and success – but it’s imperative that telemarketing agents be extensively trained and well-versed in the most effective sales techniques and strategies.


At Anexa, our industry-leading telemarketers are highly qualified and experienced in the field. Are you ready to see the benefits of implementing telemarketing to your business operations? Contact us today to learn more.