‘White Glove Service’ Sets the Customer Experience Bar Higher Than Ever – An Outsourcing Company Can Help You Clear It

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As the guiding principle of consumerism, customer service – even great customer service – is no longer a one-size-fits-all practice. In fact, its future is already here, and across ALL industries and sectors, the organizations that get it right will set the pace for their competition.

‘White glove service’ used to be a practice reserved for “VIP” customers – those who were associated with high-value transactions. Denoting all of the ideal components of the purchasing process (speed, detail, convenience and emotional fulfillment), this elite type of service comes with solutions, products and services that are highly personalized to each customer’s unique requirements. In today’s consumer-first world, it can be actualized by the acquisition of data and analytics that are captured from the customer’s journey in real-time.

Although few of today’s organizations are going to these lengths to harness customer loyalty, this type of high-touch service is rapidly becoming the norm. The looming horizon – and gold standard – for 2021 customer service (and beyond) is for complete customization of the process from start to finish (i.e. when a customer contacts a vendor, the agent in charge is able to access a comprehensive profile outlining every interaction the customer has had with the company, whether it be inquiries, purchases, servicing, payment schedules, trouble-shooting or marketing initiatives.)

Although at first glance, it might appear that this type of customer engagement is cost-prohibitive, in fact, the opposite is true. White glove service can actually generate a high return on investment by accelerating first call resolution within help centers (or proactively avoiding the issue in the first place), as well as winning lifelong customer loyalty. Admittedly, these services require investments in technology and organizational structure, and this is where cutting-edge customer service outsourcing companies can become a valuable and trusted business partner.

With a deep pool of premium customer service specialists, Anexa supports businesses across all industries in the critical analysis of their customer base, allowing for highly personalized interactions through every step of the customer journey. Our agents embody a true commitment to the customer experience and your company’s ability to provide white-glove service. We also work within the premise that customer service is no longer a reactive business practice that simply puts out fires, but a dynamic and proactive customer outreach. With detailed analytics and insights that generate well-informed customer profiles, our teams are able to prevent issues, solve problems before the customer raises them, target sales and personalize responses when customers reach out. As an extra step, they can be issued the authority to make decisions based on an individual customer’s profile, needs and circumstance, thereby taking ownership of the interaction. In the customer service support role, Anexa teams are able to integrate seamlessly with all of your company’s departments to ensure that the right hand knows what the left hand is doing, and that insights and data are shared.

Anexa’s customer care specialists are highly trained to embody the voice, the face, the language and the spirit of your business and your brand.

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