What is Call Center Outsourcing?

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Call center outsourcing is the business practice of contracting out call center services. Call centers specialize in all kinds of customer service problems like credit cards, queries, feedbacks, orders, appliance warranties and so much more. Companies can either have a call center in-house or through a separate division or to an outside specialist usually a telemarketing or BPO company.

Call center outsourcing services are all about presenting your customers with a functional resource that they can turn to if they encounter any difficulties in using your products or services. This is the perfect alternative to handling multiple customer communication channels–calls, emails, web chats, and text messages–in-house.



1.    Cost Reduction

One of the prominent ways to reduce the cost of telemarketing in any organization is to outsource call center and customer care services. Outsourced call centers are able to spread facility, equipment, setup, recruitment and training costs across all their clients, who benefit by paying only for services needed on a transactional hourly basis. Due to the multiple clients being managed by call centers and BPO companies, the cost of outsourcing customer service and other processing will usually be lower to the clients than running it in-house.


2.    Flexibility

Nothing beats the flexibility that comes with outsourcing call centers to 3rd parted and BPO companies. It allows a company to be flexible to the changing needs of the society. If a business moves into a new market or when the firm launches new products, it’s difficult to estimate how many call center employees to add. When outsourcing the call center, the company only pays for the time employees spend on the phone. Outsourced call centers take into consideration call volume peaks and valleys and also scheduling different staff so they can work efficiently.


3.    Expansion to International Market

A way to grow a business is by introducing it to the international market and this cannot be done without the help of call centers. The diverse language used in a foreign country is more than enough as a barrier to limit your operations in that country. When a company expands to foreign markets, the staff must understand the culture of the people in that country and speak their language. An outsourced call center can handle that problem on an as-needed basis.


4.    Improved Technology and Processes

Telemarketing companies, BPO firms, and call centers are a form of business themselves. Outsourcing to a call center company allows instant access to the service provider’s business infrastructure. This is advantageous if your company has yet to invest in the technology needed to provide an extensive telephone answering service to your customers. Entrusting your call center with Anexa BPO lets you benefit from the latest communication systems and software.


With AnexaBPO on your side, your company will be able to streamline processes and focus on other business tasks. This improves the overall efficiency, allowing your company to use its resources more wisely. Don’t hesitate, contact us now!