What Does A BPO Company Particularly Do?

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A BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) company is the organization a business hires to perform certain process tasks to make the business to operate successfully. BPO is a practice of outsourcing a particular work process or a few processes to external service providers. Some of the services that can be “outsourced” include accounting, payroll, Human resources, IT services, data recording, telemarketing, social media marketing or even a particular production process and lots more. Top companies like Amazon, Apple, DHL, etc. hire third parties to handle specific business activities/processes. BPO fills the supplementary business functions with services that could be technical or non-technical.



Businesses engage BPO companies for two main areas of work: Back-office functions and Front-office functions.


Back Office Functions are also known as Internal business functions. These are the functions that are aimed at the stakeholders within the organization. This includes accounting, information technology services, human resources, quality assurance, and payment processing. Most times, Back-Office functions are processes that will require an entire department, budget and a large number of personnel to do.


Front Office functions are also known as External Business Functions. This is a type of BPO service that aims at two things—customer and sales. Front-office functions include customer relations services, marketing, and sales. The front-office function is all about finding new customers for business and satisfying the needs of existing customers. Call Center and Telemarketing Companies are examples of BPO companies that specialize in Front-Office functions.



  1. Technical Support

Larger companies typically face a lot of queries, inquiries, and feedback every single day regarding the technical aspects of their products, either from the customers who do not know to use it on their own or because an aspect of the product is behaving strangely. These queries are in the form of calls and the large volume of calls coming in means it is not feasible for the company to deal with it in-house. This is where a BPO company steps in and takes charge. Outsourcing the technical support aspect of business allows their employees to focus on the crux of their business operations.


  1. Digital Support

We live in a digital world and every business needs to have a digital footprint online. A company needs emails, social media accounts, and other internet services. It is going to be costly for the business to run and manage them in-house in terms of high personnel cost, training cost, and setup fees. BPO companies, like AnexaBPO, help in handling the live-chat  while keeping the costs low.


  1. Marketing

Anexa BPO’s customized solutions and multi-channel marketing strategies allows a company to reach the right person at the right time, enhancing the value of your offer and creating a value relationship between companies and customers.


Outsourcing to an effective BPO company with skilled agents and good quality call center software solutions is a good idea for any business that aims at improving production, innovation, and communication, all at the same time.