‘Voice of the Employee’ Initiatives Create a Virtuous Cycle

If there was ever a good time for customer experience and employee experience processes to work in tandem, it’s now. VoE (Voice of the Employee) is a powerful concept that refers to businesses taking feedback from their employees and applying them to improvements that will benefit customer experience (CX). For busy business owners, it can be easy to miss red flags and key signs that indicate issues are brewing. Employees are literally the gateway between the customer and the business and can be an organization’s strongest ally. These individuals are valuable frontline resources who receive the most authentic customer feedback, can flag problems, and are in the best position to represent you to your audience, and vice versa. It does require listening, however.

While successful VoE programs represent a change in how businesses interact with – and listen to – their staff, one of the most important trickle-down effects is the vast benefits it has on CX. Sophisticated VoE programs are much more than just a simple employee survey. They typically contain multiple streams across the employee life cycle. They can supply feedback via initiatives such as 360 feedback surveys, annual employee engagement surveys, touchpoint (or employee insight) surveys, and Voice of the Customer (VoC) through the employee. But there’s more. You can conduct town hall meetings, team feedback sessions, post-mortem reviews and “suggestion boxes”. These various streams can – and will – produce a virtuous cycle of enhanced CX. Once employees can raise their hands, identify pain points, participate in opportunities, and be a key part of the solutions, they feel empowered and supported, furthering enriching customer-centricity: the virtuous cycle.

Employees are the most vested stakeholder of any business. They trust your organization with their talents, time, personal energy, values, and family earnings – so whether they have problems or great ideas, it pays to listen. And the new world of engagement is one of listening on many channels where employees can be clearly heard, and contribute to every decision you make. The stats are in – if you make employees your #1 and customers your #2, your company will outperform your peers.

Opportunities to learn from employees exist everywhere. It’s important to remember that a company is like a society in many ways. New members have a different experience than tenured pros. Workers at different levels have different needs and expectations. As a business owner, your response – and your ability to turn insight into action – is critical. And clearly, turning insight into action is at the core of both VoE and CX.

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